Hop City Beer & Wine

Fizz Ed - Creature Comforts / Beery Godmother


School may be out for the kids, but June's session of Fizz Ed, a.k.a. “beer school” is guaranteed to be a highlight of the semester for adults! Acting as an unofficial kickoff event for the Crafted For Action | Craft Beer Conference, Fizz Ed will be led by expert La'Treace Harris (Cicerone Certified Beer Server also known as The Beery Godmother) who will be speaking on the topic, "Beer Styles".

Guests will be tasting a special collection of 6-7 Creature Comforts brews that have limited can distribution in the ATL area. Tuition is only $5 and 25 seats are available. This one will sell out fast, folks - nab them while you can!

Dates & Times:

Monday, June 12, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Hop City Beer & Wine - West End
1000 White Street SW
Atlanta, GA