Trillium DDH Franklin Park

Size: 4-pack, 16 fl oz
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Referred to as the "crowning jewel" of the Emerald Necklace, Franklin Park is Boston's largest open space. The 485-acre park features a cross-country running course, multiple playgrounds, miles of trails, a public golf course, and the Franklin Park Zoo.

This amplified version of the original IPA showcases a double dose of El Dorado & Amarillo hops. The aroma packs a bright citrus punch upfront, boasting notes of candied grapefruit and pithy orange juice. The secondary notes are complex, with underlying layers of papaya, fresh pine, ripe cantaloupe, and a melange of stone fruit. Medium-bodied and balanced, DDH Franklin Park finishes with a subtle, refreshing bitterness.

Style, IPA
Brewery, Trillium
ABV, 7%
City/ST, Boston, MA
Country, United States