A Toast to Dry January - Our fav NA Beers

Jan 04, 2024

New Year’s has come and gone, 2024 is here, and Dry (or dry-ish!) January is in full swing. We have you stocked and ready with all of the non-alcoholic beers you need. Non-alcoholic beers just keep getting more innovative and tastier, and it’s a trend we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. So, whether it’s just for the month or a 2024 goal, we’ve picked out our favorites so that when you’re feeling sober-curious, your fridge is stocked and ready.

Stella Artois Liberté
The non-alcoholic beer trend is not just exclusive to the United States. Our first pick is both Belgian in origin, and the only 0/0 beer on the list. Stella Artois Liberté is crisp, clean, and super refreshing. This light lager is brewed completely without alcohol instead of being alcohol-removed, and you genuinely can’t tell. The fans alike say this beer is so good you almost can’t tell it apart from it’s alcoholic counterpart.

Best Day Brewing Variety 12 Pack
Looking for a great way to try out a variety of styles? Try out this new-in-town variety pack from Best Day Brewing. It includes a variety of their West Coast IPA, Hazy IPA, and their Kölsch. These beers are full of flavor, with balanced hops and malt characteristics, and are very true to style. This is the perfect pack to dip your toes into the sober lifestyle, or to pick up to share with sober-curious friends.

Sierra Nevada Trail Pass IPA
Brewed with lager yeast and hopped with Eclipse and Mosaic, Unquantized is designed to be the cleanest, crispiest West Coast style imaginable. If you’re craving a crispy bitter bomb, this one’s for you.

Untitled Art S’mores Dark Brew
If you’ve heard us talk about non-alcoholic beers before, you’ve heard us talk about Untitled Art. They are producing the best tasting and most creative alcohol-free beverages in the market right now. Their S’more Dark Brew is a standout favorite. This stout-inspired beer is the perfect mix of dry, malty stout, toasty graham, and sweet marshmallow. This stout hits all the notes without ever being too sweet or too bitter, and is the perfect sipper next to a frosty campfire.

Original Sin White Widow
Another one of the beverage greats, this time in the cider category, have developed an outstanding non-alcoholic cider, that doesn’t taste like your kids sparkling apple juice. This cider is complemented with blackberry juice and apple cider vinegar, giving it a sweet fruity freshness, and a higher acidity and bite akin to it’s alcoholic cousin, Black Widow. And even better, it’s gluten-free too!

The New-New

Bluejacket TSTF Double IPA
Bluejacket Weekend Crush New England IPA
Cherry Street Citraverse 11th Anniversary Double IPA

Bluejacket Letter To The Old School Pilsner
Bluejacket Lost Time Kellerbier Lager

Cherry Street Kaleidisco Blueberry Lemon Sour

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