New Beer Drops have us feeling the good feels!

Mar 05, 2024

Something about this week’s new beer drop is making us nostalgic. First up, Old Nation sent us a never-before-seen NEIPA, along with a fresh batch of the iconic M-43. Remember way back in March of 2018 when Old Nation first came to Georgia and M-43 was on a single can-per-person limit?

Similar story with Parish: this week, we’re spoiled with the return of the limited release Braincake, plus plenty of freshly canned Ghost in the Machine. Remember how rare Ghost sightings used to be? How crazy is it that, nowadays, you can almost always find super fresh Ghost in our everyday IPA aisle?! 

A testament to how dramatically the landscape of hype beer in Georgia has shifted, in early 2021 we launched The Veil to much fanfare, and later that year introduced Other Half to the Atlanta market. In the coming days, we’re expecting the return of these behemoth breweries in the form of some of the highest rated beers we’ve ever seen. 

Some say the market is saturated, but gratitude is our attitude! We are super grateful that our shelves are flush with so many world class beers—whether brewed in Georgia or beyond. And we are even more grateful for each of our wonderful guests—we love nerding out with y’all about these fantastic beverages and can't wait to keep filling your fridges with the best beer out there!

Old Nation Mi Mi Mi $17.99/4pk

In stock now! No Limits!

MI, MI, MI (pronounced My-My-My) is an extraordinarily drinkable triple NEIPA. It's loaded with sweet pineapple and mango aromas which carry throughout. Peach and orange mimosa flavors give way to a piney hop bitterness, reminding you why Old Nation made such a profound impact on the hyped hazy IPA game.

Parish Braincake $18.99/4pk

In stock now! No Limits!

A double-wheat malt profile imparts a featherlike, downy mouthfeel with the familiar edge of an intense dry-hop combo. Featuring Strata and Cashmere, this medium-bodied double IPA wafts aromas of sweet berry cobbler on the nose while Citra Incognito offers a clean tropical finish of bright mango and guava. 

The Veil Nervous System $23.99/4pk

Available for preorder, expected arrival Monday, March 4. No Limits!

If you’re a fan of the Veil, you know their IPAs are all about that perfect combo between soft, pillowy mouthfeel and moderate bitterness. This Hazy DIPA hits that nail on the head! Nervous System is brewed with red wheat, El Dorado, and Nelson—expect flavors of tangerine, orange rind, juicy mouthwatering pineapple, and refreshing honeydew melon.

Other Half Triple Broccoli Reserve $33.99/4pk

Available for preorder, expected arrival Friday, March 1. No Limits!

Ever seen an IPA with an Untappd rating in the 4.5 range? They are few and far between! This special triple version of Other Half’s flagship Broccoli floods your palate with an intoxicating blend of fruity notes. Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Hallertau Blanc hops impart flavors of honey-drizzled mango and candied orange, and a swan dive through ripe pineapple rings midpalate splashes into an herbaceous, satisfying aftertaste.

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