Mixed Packs in All Their Glory!

Mar 22, 2024

Beer Lovers: let’s talk about that feeling: when, with a skip in your step, you walk into a brewery and, greeted by the familiar scent of wort, you scope out the space, make your way to the taps, peruse the list of brews, and order a flight from the beertender with whom you proceed to wax poetic about the ins and outs of what makes this brewhouse unique among the rest.

Truly, there is no experience quite like getting to know a brewery’s raison d'être. Why did these hobbyist home brewers, so passionate about pitching yeast and the principles of pH, take the leap of faith and share their pet project with the world? That feeling you get when you learn all about a brewer’s story while sippin’ suds fresh from the bright tank—that intrigue, excitement, and curiosity—is exactly why we at Hop City do what we do.

So much new beer has hit the shelves in the last few weeks, and *dropping hints* there’s A LOT more incoming. But therein lies a problem: you want to try ALL the new beer, but you still want to really dig into a brewery and get to know them. So many new brews, so little time. We’re here to help you solve that equation! Dive deep into our new arrivals section and check out these brewery spotlight mixed packs from the past weeks’ fresh drops:

Fremont Flight $9.99/4pk

Born in 2009 amidst the Great Recession (much like Hop City!), Fremont has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading craft breweries. They’re best known for their barrel program, but don’t sleep on their IPAs! Get to know Fremont with this hand-picked flight, which features their core offerings, Dark Star Oatmeal Stout, Lush IPA, and Hustle DIPA, as well as the limited release Sky Kraken Hazy Pale Ale, making its first appearance on our shelves this week.    

Prairie Pack $15.99/4pk

Originally a bootlegging operation before brewing beer was legal in Oklahoma, Prairie Artisan Ales has put Krebs County, OK, on the map. We love everything they make, but are absolutely obsessed with their delightful kettle sours. Find out why we’re so sweet on Prairie with this sample pack, which contains 1 can each of new arrivals Blue Buns Blueberry Sour and Peach Crumble Treat, Prairie’s top-selling Rainbow Sherbert Sour, and Tiny Esses, their highest rated core sour.

450 North XL Slushy Variety $25.99/4pk

Just in time for spring’s official kickoff, we got a fresh drop of 450 North smoothies this week. 450 North is the brewery that—somewhat controversially—pioneered smoothie sours and put the style on the map. (So much fruit juice and purée is added post-fermentation that the cans must famously be kept cold in order to avoid an explosive, can-popping secondary fermentation.) See what all the fuss is about with this Slushy Sampler! Every pack includes four fruit-packed, spectacular smoothie flavors: Watermelon Cherry, Triple Berry, Tropical Punch, and Orange Splash.

Weldwerks Sampler $21.99/4pk

Established in 2015, Weldwerks is best known for its flagship Juicy Bits, which is regarded as among the most consistent, dialed-in hazy IPAs in the world. Juicy Bits is fantastic, but there’s even more to this stellar Colorado stalwart! We’re always quick to add their rotating seasonals to our “Beer Snacks” staff education sessions. Get to know Weldwerks a little better with this selection of 4 limited offerings, which freshly arrived last week: Blueberry Cobbler Sour, DDH Robo Boogie, Extra Extra Juicy Times, and POG Gelato Sour.

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