Cheers to 10 Years for Cherry Street, Barriehaus In-House and a Big Drop of New & Seasonal Beers

Apr 13, 2023

It's been a busy week at Hop City! Trillium products arrived on Tuesday and their IPAs disappeared almost as quickly as they came in the door. (Psst..head to our full bar where you can still get a fresh pint of their craft at Krog - DDH Olmstead and Pocket Pigeon and West End - Trailside). But onto this week's highlights, of which there's plenty!

First, local outfit Cherry Street Brewing turns double digits! We're helping them celebrate their Decade Tour as they make stops at all of our Hop City Beer & Wine locations starting next week (see more info below in Upcoming Events). If you're not familiar with Cherry Street, they first opened their doors in December of 2012 in Cumming, GA in partnership with beloved area restaurant, Rick Tanner's Grill. Rick's son, Nick, fell in love with homebrewing and the craft beer scene while in college at Colorado State University. Nick came back to Georgia after graduation with an idea and a business plan, but before he could start brewing and selling beer legally in Cumming he had to help change county legislation to mimic the state law (which permitted breweries to operate in a pub). Young, scrappy and idealistic, Nick helped pushed the new Forsyth County law forward and has continued to be an advocate for additional brewery legislation at several levels. He's also continued to produce great beers. Here are some of our current favorites:

Digital Recess (6%) - Cherry Street's newest year round hazy IPA is brewed with Citra, Cashmere, and El Dorado hops.

Cherry Limeade (4%) - kettle soured Berliner Weisse that tastes a bit like an effervescent sweet tart. Yum!

Cafe Con Leche (8.5%) - showing their range beyond coconut porter, Cafe Con Leche is a fantastic imperial stout that is smooth, roasty and has just a touch of sweetness.

Kaleidisco (5%) - sour ale with notes of blueberry jam and lemon zest.

Steppin' Razor (8%) - this DDH IPA has a tropical hop bouquet that hits big upfront but is surprisingly easy drinking given its higher ABV.

Try all of these (and others you can only find at the taproom) next week at our Fizz Ed event hosted by Cherry Street at Hop City West End! The special expert-led education session is only $5. Register below, but hop to it quickly as we only have a handful of tickets left!


Woo-hoo! Our shelves are restocked with TONS of fresh goodies. We got loads of new IPAs and beers from some of our favorite star studded breweries. Oh my!


  • 450 North: 420 Reefer Nuggets (8.5%)
  • Benchtop: Mega Motueka DDH Baby Robot Squirrel (6.4%)
  • Benchtop: Redemption Gang (7%)
  • Benchtop: Robochacho (7.5%)
  • Bluejacket: I Need To Space (8%)
  • Bluejacket: Perfect Places (7%)
  • Creature Comforts/Mikkeller: I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore (8%)
  • Deciduous: Along The Way (7%)
  • Deciduous: Down South (7%)
  • Equilibrium/Great Notion: Juice = Juice (8.5%)
  • Equilibrium/Masthead: Einstein’s Duality (8.5%)
  • Finback: Grapefruit Crush (8%)
  • Finback: Premium IPA (8%)
  • Finback: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (8.5%)
  • Humble Sea: Crocs On Docks (7%)
  • Humble Sea: Seahorse Derby (8.5%)
  • Humble Sea: Socks & Sandals (6.6%)
  • Magnanimous: Death To All But Citra (6.5%)
  • Phase Three: DDH Low Ceilings (7.8%)
  • Phase Three: Single Star IPA (6%)
  • Trillium: DDH Olmstead (7%) - SOLD OUT
  • Trillium: Trailside (6.8%) - SOLD OUT
  • Trillium: Pocket Pigeon (5.4%) - SOLD OUT


  • 450 North: 420 Slushy XL Black Cherry Gelato
  • 450 North: 420 Slushy XL Gorilla Glue
  • 450 North: 420 Slushy XL Sour Diesel
  • 450 North: 420 Slushy XL Strawberry Sativa
  • 450 North: 420 Slushy XL White Bluntz
  • Bluejacket: Eighties Fan (5.5%)
  • Deciduous: Lollipop Forest Blueberry & Plum (7%)
  • Deciduous: Mystical Splendor (6%)
  • Magnanimous: Berry Yourself Alive (8%)


  • Benchtop: Holstentor (4.3%)
  • Bluejacket: Hints of Baguette (4%)
  • Phase Three: Oat Lager (5.5%)
  • The Seed: After Winter (5%)
  • The Seed: Moments (4.5%)
  • Trillium: Pilsner (4.7%)
  • Trillium: Italian Pilsner (4.7%)


  • Equilibrium: Cookies & Cream Pop Stout (11%)
  • Equilibrium: Paddy’s Coco Crème Stout (11%)
  • Equilibrium: Swiss Bliss Stout (11%)
  • Magnanimous: Dark Messenger (6%)

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