Embrace Your Guilty Pleasure With The Vice Wine

May 26, 2023

This week we’re shining a spotlight on The Vice Wine, a northern California winery established by Malek Amrani, The Vice stands out as a small-scale Napa winery that embodies the concept of "luxury-within-reach."

Amrani, hailing from Morocco, moved to New York at a young age and eventually made a name for himself in wine sales. Fueled by his passion for wine, he took a leap of faith and embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey. With the help of his wife, Torie Greenberg, The Vice has flourished into a thriving wine brand. Sustainable farming, a hands-on approach, and a focus on single varietal expressions are the cornerstones of Amrani’s winemaking.

Brooklynites 2.0
This skin-contact Gewurztraminer is fresh, clean, and fragrant. It’s dry and acidic, yet packed full of tropical fruit aromas and flavors.

Oak Knoll Malbec
A relatively young Malbec that nevertheless shows great complexity. Juicy and tannic with rich flavors of cola, black cherry, and plum.


Sip of the Week from Hop City's Wine Experts

We pride ourselves at Hop City on the vast amounts of industry knowledge living in the heads and palates of our staffers. So hit them up for a suggestion when you stop in for a visit! This week, each of our wine buyers walked the aisles to uncork a special handpicked selection to explore.

Katie's Pick (Hop City West End Wine Buyer):


Sergio Drago Macerato - "This skin-contact Catarratto from Sicily drinks like orange sun-tea with fresh honeysuckle and citrus zest."; $31.99 @ Hop City West End


Steve's Pick (Hop City Krog Wine Buyer):


Broc Cellars SOGI Cabernet Pfeffer - "It's a medium-bodied rare red varietal; drinks like pomegranates and red-skinned apples with a touch of woody spice. Tastes great with a chill.";  $34.99 @ Hop City Krog



Heading outdoors to celebrate the long holiday weekend? Wine boxes are the way to go! Gone are the days when boxed wines were solely associated with cheap wine. Today, they've evolved to encompass a wide range of premium selections and we've got two absolute gems at Hop City to share with you: Bianco and Sangiovese from Fuoristrada. Both are traditional Italian wines made from certified organic fruit and packaged in eco-friendly 1 liter Tetra-Paks. $21.99; available @ Krog

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