From Porch to Pool: Our Top Picks for Versatile Rosé Wines

May 12, 2023

Get ready for our monthly wine tastings next week by checking out some of our current favorite rosé wines! Perfect for any occasion, rosé is endlessly versatile; from family celebrations, to relaxed nights out on the front porch, to poolside afternoons. Grab one of these bottles to kick off your weekend in style!


Ovum Wines has been a long time staff favorite. This low-intervention winery on the Oregon coast makes natural wines that are effortlessly approachable. With PNK SALT, a blend of their flagship Big Salt white wine and Cabernet Sauvignon, winemaker Ksenija Kostic House has created the perfect summer juice. PNK SALT is bursting with flavors of watermelon margarita and strawberry bubblegum.
$21.99; Available at West End and Krog


Across the world in Slovenia (which may feel as far as the cosmos) is where we find our next selection, Grape Abduction Company’s Rosé. Made from the indigenous grape Zametna Crnina that produces a wine with natural sweetness and aromas of fresh raspberries. Grape Abduction’s rosé spends five months aging in stainless steel tanks to help enhance these ripe berry characteristics. The wine is round and fruity with excellent balance and notes of violet as well as ripe wild berries.
$19.99; Available at Krog and West End


This Grenache blend from Paso Robles will be featured in next week’s tastings. Made from organic grapes grown in the Paso Robles American Viticultural Areas, the wine ages in stainless steel and sees no malolactic fermentation. The result is a rosé with a smooth texture and sturdy structure. It’s quite fruity with notes of stewed plum and strawberry, followed by accents of juicy blood orange.
$19.99; available at West End, Krog & Fayetteville

If you don’t already have your tickets to this month's wine tasting, grab them to secure your spot(s). We look forward to sharing some beautiful wines with you!

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