Looking for Hidden Treasures? We've Mined Some True Gems from Recent Beer Deliveries

Apr 27, 2023

Hop City has had an exceptional month of craft beer deliveries in April. Our shelves have been stocked with both renowned breweries and a substantial volume of beer. Despite the notable arrival of big names like Trillium and The Veil, and fresh releases from popular local breweries such as Halfway Crooks and Good Word, many other outstanding beers have quietly gone a little unnoticed. That's why we tasked our knowledgeable Hop Citizens this week to prospect hidden gems that may have been overlooked. Here's what they discovered and what they've been enjoying in the off-hours:


Westbrook Sundry (5.0%) - A delightful blended lager / mixed fermentation foeder ale. It's wild, in the very best way. $11.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Weldwerks Dragon Blaze Boba Sour (8.9%) - Tropical flavors, not too sweet, not too sticky, not too tart, just all around yummy. Higher gravity sours are hard to come by, and this does just the trick without being too boozy. $20.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Humble Sea Helles (4.9%) - really well made Helles lager. Clean, with just enough malty goodness, it's nice, smooth and damn delicious. $18.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue DDH (6.8%) - Pseudo Sue is already a fantastic American Pale Ale, but with the additional double dry-hopping, it gets turned up to an 11. Hazy and citrusy, not too soft, just enough "bite" . $19.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

The Seed After Winter (5.0%) - Smooth body, rich biscuit-y bready taste with some light floral/chamomile vibes. $16.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at West End

Dutchess Ales Orakel Landbier (5.2%) - German style pale lager that's light, a tiny bit sweet and just a great beer for drinking anytime of the day. $15.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End



  • Veil Brewing: Blue Blue Ferrari Ferrari (8%)
  • Veil Brewing: Cat Nap Enhanced (6%)
  • Veil Brewing: Crucial Aunt (8.2%)
  • Veil Brewing: Lock Lock (6.5%)
  • Veil Brewing: No Holding Back (8%)
  • Veil Brewing: Toof Ache (6.3%)
  • Pontoon: The Reel Legend (7%)
  • Wild Leap: SouthDown (8.5%)


  • Hudson Valley: Amulet (7%)
  • Hudson Valley: Ultrasphere (6%)
  • Pontoon: Rainbow Smiggles (7%)
  • Prairie: Strawberry Banana Squeeze (4.7%)
  • Prairie: Tiny Esses (5.5%)
  • Thin Man: Yas Queen! (5.5%)


  • Halfway Crooks: Active Low (4.9%)


  • Prairie: Mo Peanut Mo Problems (13.6%)


  • Veil Brewing: Push (6%)
  • Veil Brewing: Pull (6%)
  • Tommie Sjef: Franc (7%)
  • Tommie Sjef: Sprong (7%)


  • Scar of the Sea: Co-Ferment Cider (8%)


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