May the 4th Be With You: An Intergalactic Selection of Beers

May 04, 2023

It is a period of thirstiness. Beer enthusiasts, craving refreshment and flavor, search the galaxy for the perfect brew. As they journey through the stars far, far away, they encounter a wide variety of beers, from light lagers to dark stouts, each with its own unique qualities. Some prefer the crisp, refreshing taste of a light beer and believe the light side is the only path to true enlightenment, while others crave the rich, full-bodied flavor of a dark brew and argue that only the dark side can reveal the true depths of flavor. Ultimately, it is the delicate balance between the two that brings harmony to both the galaxy and the world of beer. But no matter which side they choose, one thing is certain: the force is strong with those who appreciate a good beer.

Hand picked, a selection of intergalactic beers we have, hmmm. To the balance between light and dark, raise your glass and toast, and may the beer be with you, always, hmmm.

Edmund's Oast Plasma Gun (8.0%) - IPA; technically speaking, Han Solo, Luke and others used blasters, not guns, but the technology behind the weapons is based on the concept of contained plasma energy. $16.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Harpoon UFO Triple Berry (5.1%) - fruited sour; yes, we also know that UFOs aren't part of the Star Wars canon, but this one fits the space theme and Harpoon's limited release has raspberries, blackberries and strawberries that join forces to make a flavorful fruited wheat beer. $11.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog & West End

Bluejacket I Need To Space (8.0%) - DDH IPA with Mosaic; if you haven't yet a had a chance to try anything from Bluejacket, grab one of these for an out of this world juicy experience. $19.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Prairie This is the Way (13.6%) - Barrel aged imperial stout. The beer of all Mandalorian Warriors. No explanation necessary. $13.99 / 12oz bottle; available at Krog & West End

Southern Brewing Moon Eyes (9.5%) - Imperial stout; drink as an homage to the battle on one of Endor's 9 moons and the decisive defeat of the Empire. Local! $12.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog & West End

Fremont Dark Star (8.0%) - Imperial oatmeal stout; inspired by the wandering tribes scattered through the journey of time and space and adrift in the dark matter between the spaces of then and now. $16.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog & West End




  • Creature Comforts: Riwaka (8%)
  • Old Nation: Strawberry M-43 (6.8%)
  • Untitled Art: Pineapple Sultana Hazy IPA (7.6%)


  • Untitled Art: Raspberry Passionfruit Fruited Sour (7%)


  • Maine Beer Co: Mean Old Tom (6.5%)
  • Untitled Art/Mikerphone: Vanilla Hazelnut Coconut Imperial Stout (11%)
  • Octopi: Chocolate Toffee Imperial Stout (10%)


  • Untitled Art Mango Newtro (5%)
  • Untitled Art: Blueberry Kumquat Florida Seltzer (5%)
  • Untitled Art: Pineapple Lychee Vanilla Fruited Seltzer (7%)

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