New year-round hazy release from Creature Comforts is here!

Feb 23, 2023

Some things in life are just guaranteed. If you're a little bit of a pessimist, death and taxes are two such examples. We like to look on the brighter side of things here at Hop City, however, and when we hear "new year-round release" from Creature Comforts, we know we're guaranteed to get something awesome.

Bigger Dreams is a hazy IPA (6.8%) from the local pillar that produced the once hoarded secret of Atlanta beer nerds (Tropicalia). Even though Creature Comfort products are now mass produced and easy to find, their seasonal and limited releases still draw out dedicated followers en masse. Bigger Dreams has kept the trend alive as our first drop last week sold out very quickly. (Not to worry though, we're back in stock!)

The new hazy IPA is a sort of mashup between a New England IPA and a West Coast IPA. Characteristics of low bitterness and big, tropical, stone fruit hop aroma typical of New England versions combine with the light refreshing drinkability so often associated with the West coast style. The marriage is a winner. Bigger Dreams is juicy, bright, super aromatic and likely to lay claim to a permanent parcel of shelf space in your fridge.

Want to try it for free? Yeah, we said free! Creature Comforts will be pouring draft samples of Bigger Dreams and handing out schwag at our Hop City Krog location THIS Friday, February 24 (hint: tomorrow!) from 5:00 - 7:00 pm as well as next Friday, March 3 at Hop City West End. Do you really need any other reason?


Check out the current lineup of other Creature Comfort brews you can find on draft and on our shelves right now (some seasonal, some year-round). Break 'em up and build your own 6-pack!

Athena & Athena Paradiso (4.5%) - year-round Berliner Weisse and seasonal variations; $11.99/12oz 6-pack & $13.99/12 oz 6-pack

Automatic (5.5%) - year-round pale ale; $11.99/12 oz 6-pack

Bibo (4.9%) - staff favorite year-round pilsner; $11.99/12 oz 6-pack

Bigger Dreams (6.8%) - year-round hazy IPA; $12.99/12 oz 6-pack and on tap at Krog and West End starting Friday

Classic City (4.2%) - year-round lager; $8.99/16 oz 4-pack

Cosmik Debris (8.0%) - seasonal DIPA; $15.99/12 oz 6-pack

Duende (8.0%) - seasonal hazy DIPA; $16.99/16 oz 4-pack

ILYSM: Coconut Clouds (5.6%) - seasonal brown ale; on draft at Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Koko Buni (6.5%) - seasonal milk porter; $13.99/12 oz 6-pack

Tritonia (4.5%) - year-round gose; $13.99/12 oz 6-pack

Tropicalia (6.6%) - the one that started it all. Does it really need an explanation? Year-round IPA; $12.99/12 oz 6-pack



All below can be found at Krog & West End, with the exception of Looks Like Haze which is only available at West End...


  • Destihl: Looks like Haze (7%)


  • Baa Baa Brewhouse: Always Watching (6.37%)
  • Baa Baa Brewhouse: DewDrop (3.5%)
  • Bold Monk: BBA Virtue of Patience (7%)
  • Destihl: Pink Raspberry Lemonade (5%)
  • Hippin’ Hops: So Peachy (5.2%) - LOCAL
  • Prairie: Patches Treat (5%)
  • Reformation: Oh Yeah! (4%)


  • Anderby: Art of Ph***ery (5%)


  • Prairie: This is The Way (13.6%)
  • Prairie: Super Pistache Bros (13.6%)
  • Left Hand: Nitro Dry Irish Stout (4.3%)

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