Our June Wine Tastings And More!

Jun 14, 2024

We’re pumped to announce that our June wine tastings will feature a number of firsts! We’re delighted to shine the spotlight on the Southeast, by way of exceptional offerings from esteemed North Carolina cidery and winery Botanist & Barrel. Not only will we be featuring Southeastern wines for the first time, to boot, we’ll also be welcoming Botanist & Barrel winemaker Lyndon Smith, who will be leading this month’s tastings! A rare opportunity to taste wine with the actual winemaker? Yes please!

Three years ago, Kether Smith (Lyndon’s sister) and Deric McGuffey paid a visit to Hop City Krog. (Kether and Deric, along with Lyndon and his wife Amie Fields, all co-founded Botanist & Barrel - very much a family affair!) On their visit, we became fast friends and nerded out about the art and science of fermentation and the intersections between creating beer, cider, and wine.

At that time, they mentioned their burgeoning wine production, and hinted that they’d eventually send their wines to distribution, but only when the product was dialed-in and ready for market. Lyndon also founded Sour Grapes, a super cool wine distributor we’ve worked with for many years, and given his pedigree, we couldn’t help but raise lofty expectations.

We’ve held out patiently, and the wait was well worth it! A few weeks ago, Lyndon visited our West End shop, and Liz Miller, West End’s wine manager, was delighted by what he brought for her to taste. Read on to get a glimpse of what we’ll be sipping, and grab your tickets now to this can’t-miss Southeast Spotlight event!

DéFi Rosé Spritzer 

This fresh and fizzy table wine draws inspiration from co-founder Amie Fields’ travels in Chianti, where she discovered a dry rosé made from Sangiovese. Now, 20 years later, this wine combines her love of Sangiovese rosé, but with a little sparkling twist! Expect fresh strawberries, juicy watermelon, and a whisper of wild roses, reminiscent of a Summer garden in full bloom. 

DéFi Cabernet Franc Rosé Pet Nat

This is the stuff dreams are made of! Pure natural bubbly rosé with all that Southern Terroir. Notes of strawberry, watermelon, lavender, and citrus abound. Perfect for a porch hang on a steamy Summer evening!  

Vidal Blanc (Still & Pet Nat)

The still Vidal Blanc has texture, body, and creaminess that balance the grapes' natural acidity. If you are a Chardonnay lover, this is the Vidal Blanc for you. The grapes were carefully handpicked from S&W Vineyard in Southern Virginia, just a short drive from the Botanist & Barrel winery. The pet nat, with its effervescence and crisp acidity, is perfect for a sunny day or a special occasion. It has major lemonade vibes and reminds us of lemon meringue pie.

Muscadine Pet Nat - Only a fortunate few will have the privilege to savor this debut creation, as a mere five cases were produced. Raise your glasses to a symphonic and fruity explosion of juicy sweetness and delightful tartness. Crafted exclusively from 100% Baker Family Vineyard Moccasin Creek Muscadines, meticulously cultivated by the talented TY Baker.

La Boutanche Summer Release!  Our favorite glou glou grown-up juice has arrived just in time to welcome summer! Super limited - secure yours now and sip on these fabulous liter-sized, gluggable, chillable reds!

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