Stouts - the crave is real!

Jan 14, 2023

It’s not a myth! Most people crave heartier, heavier foods in the cooler winter months and the same shift typically happens in our beer palates. Why? Blame it mainly on evolution and psychology. Even though we aren’t living in caves or foraging for food anymore, colder temperatures may still drive our body's programmed biology to seek out more calorically dense foods in order to pack on a little extra weight, which hundreds of thousands of years ago helped increase the chance of survival. These comfort foods also make us feel happier in the darker, colder months of the year by positively affecting mood and hormone levels in the brain. The same is true for beer! We tend to want to drink heavier, darker brews during the wintertime, so... (takeaway hint) don’t fight biology! We've hand-picked a few stouts below to help you lean into the dark side and satisfy your primeval needs.

Hubbard's Cave: El Zacaton (12%) - $16.99 / 16 oz 2-pack

With nuances of a great mole, El Zacaton is an exceptional stout that packs the perfect spicy bite from the addition of ancho, guajillo and habanero chilies. Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Firemaker Aliferous (14%) - $12.99 / 22 oz

BIG. Bold. Bodacious. A great, sippable imperial stout to share. Krog & West End; Local!

Threes Brewing: Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More (10%) - $20.99 / 12 oz 4-pack

Jet black and luscious with subtle raisin/prune/fig sweetness. Simple and very solid. Krog & West End

New Belgium: Piano Keys (10%) - $8.99 / 16 oz 4-pack

Malt forward imperial stout with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Co-brewed by Atlanta beer maven, Ale Sharpton and a steal at under $10! Krog & West End

Southern Brewing: Nite Nite Before Xmas (12.5%) - $18.99 / 500 mL

Russian imperial stout brewed with seasonal spices. Even though the holidays are over, this one is fantastic and worth trying before it disappears until next year! Krog

Newgrass: Parting Glass (5.4%) - $12.99 / 16 oz 4-pack

Okay, okay, we know this one is technically a porter, but we threw it in here for those of you craving a dark option but with a low(er) ABV. This 'new to us' offering from Newgrass Brewing will transport you to the Emerald Isle. Krog



We've had a rush on the Fremont drop that hit Krog earlier this week but we still have a few SKUS left as of this writing. Hint: West End hasn't been pilfered as bad ... yet.


Fremont: Lush IPA (7.5%)


Tripping Animals: Family is Our Fortress (6%)
Tripping Animals: Emmanuel Don’t Brew It (6%)
Tripping Animals: Fruits of Olympus (6%)
Tripping Animals/Burley Oak: Chameleon JREAMS 2.0 (6%)
Untitled Art/Corporate Ladder: Cherry A La Mode (6.5%)
Drie Fontenein: Langste Kook (7.4%)
Drie Fontenein: Nocturne II (7.4%)
Drie Fontenein: Perzik Rood (6.2%)
Drie Fontenein: Zenne y Frontera Batch 66 (8.5%)


Fremont: Bourbon Barrel-Aged B-Bomb (12.5%)
Fremont: Chocolate Vanilla Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star (12.5%)
Fremont: Coffee Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star (12.5%)
Fremont: Coconut B-Bomb (13%)
Fremont: Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb (13%)
Fremont: Brew 6000 (11.9%)
Fremont: Dark Star (8%)
Nogne: Skyscraper (13.9%)
Pohjala: Chateau Noir (12%)
Pohjala: Mudcake Banger (12.5%)


Celestial Meads: Gunnlod’s Tears (10%)

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