There once was a beer worker named Fred...

Mar 16, 2023

There once was a beer worker named Fred
He had a barrel fall onto his head
“Weren’t you hurt?” I did ask
“Being hit by that cask?”
“I was lucky — ’twas light ale,” he said

Contrary to above, this week's newsletter is actually all about dark beers... specifically the other, other dark beers beyond stouts. We asked Hop City beer buyers, Sam and Eric, to recommend a few styles and SKUS they're really digging right now. See below and try them out for a way to toast in the wee weekend.

And why not one more bad limerick to cue them up?

Dark beer isn't just about stout,
Other styles abound we can tout,
Like schwarzbier so light,
And dunkel so bright,
Each one with a flavor devout!

Pipeworks Dunkel:

Dunkels are dark lagers, originating from the southern German region of Bavaria. They're straight-forward and direct, and more simply put, designed for drinking. Pipeworks Dunkel is an excellent take on the style and delivers a smooth, clean and super sessionable beer; $13.99/16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

McEwan's Scotch Ale (8.0%)

If you're a fan of scotch ales, this classic version by McEwan's is a solid choice. It's full-bodied, comforting and complex. You'll find flavors of dark fruits, spices, earthy hops, peat, oak, dark bread, chocolate and toffee; $12.99/12 oz 4-pack; West End

Hi Wire BBA Barleywine (10.0%)

Barleywines are robust, intense and typically pack an ABV of 10 - 15% - so they aren't for the faint of heart! Hi Wire's version incorporates 'first use' barrels to up the ante on the bourbony character that balances well with the caramel, dark fruit and toffee aromas; $18.99/16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

Einstok Wee Heavy (8.0%)

An Icelandic Scotch ale that stands out among others of the same style. Smoky malts, mild sweetness and hints of toffee and spices combine to serve up a dangerously sippable beer; $12.99/12 oz 6-pack; Krog & West End

Barrique BBA Batey Noir Sour (5.5%)

Tart farmhouse funk mixed with bourbon notes and a touch of raisin-y, figgy sweetness. Tasty! $16.99/500 mL; Krog & West End

Burial Dusk (5%)

This schwarzbier styled dark lager from the folks at Burial is mashed with German pilsner and roasted malt. Think of it like a dunkel, but drier, darker, roastier, and lighter. $16.99/16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End and ON TAP at Krog



We received a pretty great drop this week, just in time for ringing in St Patty's Day and March Madness!


  • Green Bench: Revenge of the Nerds (6.3%)
  • Hop Butcher: Moored Dirigible (6.5%)
  • Hop Butcher: Pink Fly (7.5%)
  • Hop Butcher: Shrimp Night (8%)
  • Hop Butcher: The Jewels (7.5%)
  • Toppling Goliath: Electric Dino Boogie (7.8%)
  • Toppling Goliath: Radiant Haze (7%)
  • Mikkeller: Hands In the Sand (7%)
  • Pontoon: Rise of the Hoppit (7%)


  • Untitled Art: Candied Orange Fruited Sour (5.7%)
  • Mikkeller: Matter of Mind (9.2%)
  • Mikkeller/Boon: Vermouth Barrel Gueze (6%)
  • Mikkeller/Frederiksdal: Spontan Cherry Frederiksdal (8.2%)
  • Mikkeller: Guava Gang (5%)



  • Mikkeller: Banana Foster Traeblod (15%)
  • Mikkeller: Disobedient (12%)
  • Mikkeller: LifeBlod BA (12.5%)
  • Untitled Art/Angry Chair: BA Midnight Toffee Stout (14.9%)
  • Untitled Art: Hazelnut Butter Cup Stout (11.7%)
  • Toppling Goliath: Mornin Latte (8.9%)


  • Untitled Art: Pineapple Cherry Blackberry Smoothie Seltzer (5%)
  • Honest Abe: Mexican Lollipop Watermelon (7%)
  • Honest Abe: Mexican Lollipop Mango (7%)

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