Warning - Bad Dad Joke Incoming! Two Vampires Walk Into a Bar

Jun 15, 2023

Two vampires walk into a bar. One says "I'll take a pint of B" the other says "I'll take a pint of B negative." The bartender replies "OK, one blood and one blood light coming up."

(Sorry, we had to do it given the upcoming occasion!)

So we did an informal survey among Hop City staffers this week about their Dad's go to beer in the fridge, and maybe not too surprising, we heard quite a few mentions of basic mainstream lagers, pilsners and amber ales bought from the corner grocery store.

There doesn't seem to be a better time than Father's Day to do a beer makeover for Dad, so we're here to throw out some suggestions (with training wheels of course) on how you can upscale his fridge selections a bit. Stop by and see us this weekend (or order online) to be sure he has something cold to drink with Sunday's dinner.

For the dads who love those readily available light lagers and pilsners, Arches Lloyd's Light (LOCAL!), Narragansett Lager and Montucky Cold Snack are closely related craft beers that can stand in as tasty additions to his regular rotation.

For the dads who like to drink Mexican style lagers, look no further than Dry County's Lechuza Amber (LOCAL!). Arches also makes a lighter version Lechuza (think along the lines of Dos Equis and Dos Equis Dark).

How about the dad who prefers dark beer? Bring him a 4-pack of Dutchess Ales Augur, a solid porter he'll be sure to love.

And last but not least, for the dads who are sober, the dads looking for alternate beverages during the game to ease off the gas, or any dads curious about exploring non-alcoholic options, Sober Carpenter's West Coast Style IPA is a great fill-in for the real thing. Our customers love them!


Our Krog team has several pre-bundled "Dad Packs" lying in wait for an easy grab and go gift! Swing by to snag one of the options below OR build your own custom Dad Pack (available in-store only). The combinations are limitless! Pictured from left to right above:
  • Local Lagers - a 4-pack of 16 oz cans from top local breweries. One each of Good Word Pale Lager, Pontoon Viva La Otter, New Realm Helluviennalager and Halfway Crooks Farina.
  • Beer Style Flight To Go - a range of different beer styles to sample. Consists of a 6-pack of 12 oz cans featuring one each of Spindletap Houston Haze (IPA), Fremont Hustle (double IPA), Parish Canebrake (wheat), Wiseacre Tiny Bomb (pilsner), Gerst Amber Ale and Octopi Belgian Chocolate Toffee Stout.
  • IPA Pack - treat him to special 4-pack of IPAs from brewers known for their mastery of hops. Includes a 16 oz can of Magnanimous Iommic Juice Life, El Segundo Broken Skull, Old Nation Boss Tweed and Benchtop Robochacho.



  • Creature Comforts: Flash Cat (6.5%)
  • Tripping Animals: The Launch Box (8.5%)


  • 450 North: Ice Cream Bars (5.3%)
  • 450 North: Dairy King (5.3%)
  • 450 North: Ice Cream Cake (5.3%)
  • 450 North: Popsicle Rocket (7.4%)
  • 450 North: Push Popsicle (5.3%)
  • 450 North: Strawberry Shortcake (6.2%)
  • Humble Forager: Enchanted Island v5 (9%)
  • Humble Forager: Coastal Sunshine v18 (6%)
  • Southern Prohibition: Dogs Manipulating Time (5.4%)
  • Southern Prohibition: Space Tripper (4.6%)
  • Tripping Animals/Kings Brewing: Bagheera (7%)
  • Tripping Animals: Limonada Rosada (6%)


  • Untitled Art: Rocket Popsicle Hard Seltzer (5%)

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