Welcome Back! Beers We Haven't Seen in a Minute

Jul 20, 2023

Twelve Percent Beer Project? Fonta & Flora? Welcome back friends - it's been a minute since we've seen you!

If you're not familiar with Twelve Percent Beer Project, they're a contract facility embracing a nomadic brewing model. They collaborate with small breweries known for their high-quality standards, innovative approaches, and strong brand recognition. As a partner, Twelve Percent helps these breweries scale up, providing distribution outlets and the freedom to focus on creative experimentation. Their diverse lineup features a wide range of styles and hot, exciting beers...and most importantly, gives beer enthusiasts access to fantastic small breweries from around the country. A drop from Twelve Percent always generates buzz and the recent arrival of Abomination Brewing is something you'll want to explore. Hurry though, as they're only available at Krog and we only received a small allocation.

The other new but old friend we haven't seen in awhile is Fonta & Flora Brewery out of Morganton, NC! Embracing a farm-to-pint philosophy, they source seasonal ingredients from nearby farms, forage wild edibles, and collaborate with local artisans to create beers that exude a true sense of place. Making a strong commitment to community and environmental stewardship, Fonta & Flora produces beers that are a harmonious fusion of traditional brewing techniques and avant-garde experimentation.

We've done the homework for you and hand-picked a few beers we're excited about from Twelve Percent and Fonta & Flora - check them out below!

Abomination Midday Snack (7.7%) - with temps flirting in triple digits this week, a pastry stout may not be the first thing you'd typically reach for, but we think you'll change your mind once this one hits your lips. Envision sipping on a cold chocolate peanut butter milkshake and you'll be just fine.

$20.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog only

Abomination Jersey Devil Fog (8.5%) - a hazy DIPA collaboration with Alternate Ending, Jersey Devil is big, floral, smooth and just a tiny bit sweet. Double dry hopped with Pacific Sunrise & Riwaka CGX.

$20.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog only

Abomination Drippy Popsicle (5.4%) - mimicking the ultimate summer treat, Drippy Popsicle pours a deep purple color with heavy aromas of blueberry and raspberry. It's not overly sweet, with a tart dry finish.

$21.99 / 16oz 4-pack; available at Krog only


Fonta & Flora Funk Fuzz (6.4%) - it's really hard to beat fresh farm peaches from the South and when you happen to combine them with a wild fermented beer, well let's just say it's a match made in heaven. Funky, super juicy peach flavors, tart and lemon-y and oh so good!

$21.99 / 500 mL; available at Krog and West End

Fonta & Flora Meemaw (6.4%) - this wild ale pours a beautiful deep pink/fuschia color. It has the funk you would expect from the wild fermentation with a nice tart, jammy sweet finish.

$21.99 / 500 mL; available at Krog and West End

Fonta & Flora Lake James Rind (3.4%) - like the name suggests, this one screams to be brought to your next weekend water outing. It's a crisp, flavorful light lager brewed with local watermelon, lime and tajin.

$16.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog and West End



Abomination Jersey Devil Fog Hazy IPA (8.6%)
Aslin Double Yellow Starfish DIPA (8.3%)
Aslin Pew Pew Pew TIPA (12.8%)
DSSOLVR Born Again in the Juice DDH IPA (7.2%)
DSSOLVR Hustle is for the Birds WCIPA (6.5%)
Finback Premium IPA (7.6%)
Finback Oscillation DIPA 034 (8.5%)
Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong TIPA (9.5%)
Narrow Gauge Rocket Appliance DDH IPA (8.1%)
Narrow Gauge OJ Run Hazy DIPA (8.6%)
Narrow GaugeFallen Flag DDH IPA (7%)
Toppling Goliath MoZee (6.3%)
Toppling Goliath Places I've Been (7.8%)

Abomination Drippy Popsicle (5.5%)
Hoof Hearted Maxxx Profitz Sour IPA (6%)
Short Throw Slid to My Crib Gose (6.4%)

Abomination Midday Snack Stout (7.7%)
Narrow Gauge Peanut Butter & Stout (10.5%)
Narrow Gauge Dark Mild (3%)
Short Throw Who Got Da Props? Stout (12.6%)
Timber Ales Pancakes by Campfire Stout (6%)

Narrow Gauge Chicken Out Pils (4.2%)
Stillwater Extra Dry Sake Style Saison (4.2%)

Shipyard Pumpkin Head (4.5%)


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