Wine Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Dec 20, 2022

If wine is on your gift list this holiday season, Hop City has you covered! Even if you’re not quite sure what to give the wine-lover in your life, our team is always ready with a great suggestion. To get you started, here are a handful of styles we think would make a great gift, along with some of our favorite bottles.


Why we love them: while winter is traditionally thought of as a red wine season, not everyone is a red wine drinker. And moreover, not every white wine is a summertime-crusher. There are plenty of white wines that are either grown in cold climates or have the body to stand up to lower temperatures. What we recommend:

Villa Creek Cherry House White (grenache and clairette (California) -$26.99available at Fayetteville & West End

Miner Family Viognier(California) -$19.99; available at Fayetteville & West End

Cowhorn Marsanne-Roussanne(Oregon) -$36.99; available at Krog

Cantalpiedra Lirondo Unfiltered Verdejo (Spain) - $24.99; available at Krog



Why we love it: for any lover of Italian wines, this “king” of nebbiolo is a sure bet. This classic is floral and light, yet quite dry and sturdy. That combination makes it perfect for the rich foods of the holiday season. What we recommend:

La Salita - $34.99; available at West End

Roccheviberti Rocche di Castiglione (2016)$71.99; available at Krog

Giacomo Fenocchio Cannubi Barolo (2015)$76.99; available at Fayetteville



Why we love it: Châteauneuf du Pape is a small designation from the Rhone Valley that specializes in Grenache based blends. It was also the first official French wine appellation. These wines start off with bright red fruit flavors which shift into herbaceous and earthy tones. What we recommend:

Clos du Caillou Le Tradition 2019 (grenache 60%, syrah 40%) - $56.99available at Fayetteville & West End

André Brunel Les Cailloux 2018 (grenache 70%, mourvèdre 17%, syrah 10%, cinsault 3%) - $67.99; available at West End

Domaine Bois de Boursan Cuvée des Félix 2016 (grenache 65%, mourvèdre 25%, syrah 5 %, blend 5%) - $89.99; available at Krog



Why we love it: sweet treats don’t have to always come as chocolates or cookies. A special bottle can be just as festive as a plate of cookies. Fortified wines can offer sweet flavors of toffee, raisins, and caramel. If bubbles are more your style, try a strawberry sweet sparkling wine. These wines are great as aperitifs or as your end of the night tipple. What we recommend:

Kopke 10 Year Tawny Port (Portugal) - $34.99; available at West End

Villa Oeiras 12 Year Carcavelos (Portugal) - $31.99; available at Fayetteville & West End

Angelo Negro Birbet Brachetto (Italy) - $15.99; available at all locations



Why we love a surprise: sometimes the most fun gift is the experience of trying something new. With that in mind, we chose a few bottles that maybe aren’t as well known or perhaps a little unusual. Buy these are for the adventurer on your list. What we recommend:

Cocchi Dopo Teatro Amaro (for the cocktail lover) - $22.99; available at West End

Mas Alta Artigas Priorat (for the traveler) - $38.99; available at Fayetteville & West End

Johan Vineyards Disco Chicken (for the cider lover) - $27.99; available at Krog & West End

Stirm Wine Co. Los Chuchaquis 2019 (for the artist) - $29.99; available at Krog

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