Women in Wine Picks from the Ladies of Hop City!

Mar 08, 2024

We’ve all seen them - Instagram posts detailing “The Zodiac signs as puppies,” or “Your personality type as an aesthetic.” It doesn’t totally make sense, but it kind of, sort of, somehow does make sense. So for this Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the wonderful women of Hop City and pairing their fabulous personalities with some equally fabulous bottles of wine (that are women owned, too!).

Hop City is proud to give a platform to women in the industry. We love supporting women-owned and produced beer and wine from around the world, and we love that so many women help run our company. From the General Managers of the Atlanta Hop City stores and of Barleygarden Fayetteville to our retail wine managers, our sister restaurants’ Culinary Director, our Marketing Managers, and many of our standout retail associates and bartenders—oh my! We are so proud to work alongside these brilliant women every single day.

Mary Taylor ‘Veneto Frizzante’ $12.99

Emily Montenegro - Hop City Krog Retail Associate 

Mary Taylor is a pioneer in finding small producers and giving them a global platform. For this Italian wine under the name Sofia Brescia, she pays homage to women winemakers who have been forgotten. Like this wine, Krog retail associate Emily is a breath of fresh air, super fun, and keeps you on your feet. This wine offers notes of citrus, jasmine, and Asian pear, and the ‘frizzante’ adds just a little bit of ~spice~ that is just as electrifying and energizing as Emily!

Meinklang ‘Foam Vulkán’ $27.99

Tali Ring - Hop City Krog Bartender 

Angela Michlits is the genius behind Meinklang, a family-run mixed farm in Burgenland, Austria. Their Foam Vulkán feels very in line with one of our talented bartenders, Tali! This wine is a vibrant and fresh pet-nat—a touch funky, but actually super approachable. Tali is just that. She’s cool, she’s approachable, and she brings a zesty and spirited humor to our life. Expect green flavor notes (just like Tali’s green highlights!): green apples, cucumber, and lime zest. You’ll want to be sipping this wine on a sunny afternoon with Tali soon! 

Hanna Glatzer ‘Welschriesling’ $31.99

Liz Miller - Hop City West End Wine Manager

Hanna Glatzer is the daughter of Austrian winemaker Walter Glatzer, and she’s only 21, to boot! Hanna strives to make wines as colorful as she sees the world. If you know our lady Liz, you know she’s as colorful and wonderful as it gets. This wine is made of 100% Welschriesling and is full of juicy white fruits, zesty grapefruit, and fresh herbs, with just a touch of sweetness to keep the acid refreshing. Liz is one of the most lively people we’ve ever met, and her sweetness is contagious. Just like this trailblazing winemaker, Liz is making waves in the wine community and adds flair and freshness to our wine program. 

Day Wines ‘Lemonade’ $21.99

Taylor Proctor - Hop City Krog General Manager 

Day Wines is woman-owned-and-produced by Brianne Day, and it felt fitting that our General Manager of Krog Street, Taylor, should pair with Lemonade. The origin story of this wine is a beautiful tale in problem solving, and this vintage is full of big juicy notes of strawberry, raspberry, Meyer lemon, and is a rosé for the girls. Taylor is our head problem solver at Krog, has been described as having a “pink” personality. This wine is just that. Lively, fresh, fruity and fun, this wine is made for girls nights and spring, porch-sitting gossip seshes. 

Penley Estates ‘Francis’ $19.99 

Rebecca Wilcox - Hop City West End General Manager 

Since 2015, sisters Ang and Bec Tolley have run this pioneering Australian estate. Francis, a delightful Cab Franc, is adorned with a gorgeous label featuring a bird landing on a woman’s finger. If you know Rebecca, you know how much animals adore her, and she’d totally catch a bird on her finger Snow White style. This wine gives you a whole personality of flavors, with big notes of raspberry, red licorice, cardamom, and pink pepper. Just like our Rebecca, this wine is conversational and full of personality!

Elisa Guerin ‘Beaujolais-Village’ $25.99

Jade Palmer - Hop City Krog Wine Manager 

Elisa Guerin is catching eyes and turning heads in Beaujolais. Her Beaujolais Village is refined and expressive, and is described as pure poetry. The nuance of her wines is evocative of our Krog Street Wine Manager, Jade. Cherry, blackberry, and cassis round out the palate, with a touch of rose petals and notes of English Breakfast tea (just like Jade, who hails from London!). This Beaujolais-Village takes the prestige of an area and makes it incredibly approachable, which is exactly what Jade strives to do as an educator, and feels like a warm hug and catching up with old friends over a cuppa.

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