You a Mainah? Even if you're from away, these are wicked good!

Jan 20, 2023
Ayuh, we're not Main-ahs, but we have a wicked good selection of their brews that'll make you want to get off your sofer!

Partial translation:
  • A Main-ah = someone born and raised in the state of Maine
  • ayuh = yes
  • wicked = a general intensifier or exclamation
  • sofer = sofa

Full translation: Yeah, we're not from Maine, but we've got a great selection of their brews that you should definitely check out!

We may not speak Maine very well, but we do speak Maine beer. Here's what's recently come in the door by way of the Nor'east that has Hop City staffers excited:



Hop Reach (6.8%) - Allagash has long marched to the beat of its own drum and resisted chasing trends in the beer industry. But persistent nudging from Allagash fans, wholesalers and even brewery staff finally resulted in the release of their first year-round IPA, Hop Reach, and it just landed on our shelves. This IPA is uniquely Allagash.. timeless, approachable and just plain good with a mixture of old and new hop varieties.

$13.99 / 12 oz 6-pack; Krog & West End


Located off US Route 1 in Freeport, Maine Beer Company has a special sort of following we've witnessed first hand here in Atlanta. If you happen to see a stoic labelled bottle or two in our aisle, don't blink, because it likely won't be there the next time you come through. And if you see it on draft, don't think twice about grabbing a pint. Our drop this week doesn't include "new to us" Maine Beer Co SKUS, but anytime they're back in stock it's worth a hollah (translation: hollah = holler).

Lunch (7%) - Year-round gimmick-free hazyish IPA. Delicate, herbal, fruity and not too over-hopped. Perfection.

$8.99 / 16.9 oz bottle; Krog & West End & ON TAP at West End upstairs

Woods & Water (6.2%) - A special IPA brewed to commemorate the establishment of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Clean, crisp and balanced exceptionally well.

$8.99 / 16.9 oz bottle; Krog & West End

Little Whaleboat (6.5%) - Brewed to raise awareness of the effort to protect three of the last remaining undeveloped islands in Casco Bay. Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Columbus, and Talus.

$8.99 / 16.9 9 oz bottle; Krog & West End


Gunner's Daughter milk stout put Mast Landing on the map and has helped fuel the brewery's massive growth. The flagship product makes up at least a third of all its sales and as you can see below, is used as a base to continue to feed the cult following. Check out the Larger than Life collab and you'll see they're not just a one-trick show.

Imperial Gunner's Daughter (10%) - Takes everything that made the original Gunner's Daughter great and then dials the stout up a bit. Great for sharing.

$19.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

S'more Gunner's Daughter (5.5%) - Skip the campfire and head straight to the fridge for dessert. Toasty graham crackers and marshmallows team up with Gunner's Daughter for a milk stout you'll be glad you saved room for.

$15.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

Larger Than Life (7.4%) - This triple dry hopped IPA is a Mast Landing collab with Tripping Animals and features Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc, and Citra hops.

$19.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog


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