So Many New Beers at Hop City!

Feb 23, 2024

Last week, we promised that exciting new drops were on the horizon. This week, we’re delivering on that promise! The dry spell is over, the floodgates have opened, and our shelves are flush with delicious new brews. From one of our favorite local sours to a juice bomb from a top hop house, read on to learn all about this week’s new and returning gems.


Two Tides Acid House Vol. 9 $14.99/2pk

We were simply blown away the first time we tried Acid House, and we continue to eagerly anticipate the release of each new volume. Each iteration features different fruit and coffee combinations, and each imparts unique, complex flavors that you just can’t find anywhere else. Volume 9 is loaded up with blood orange, peach, strawberry, and cherry, then infused with Worka Sakaro Ethiopian Float Coffee. The result? A perfect combination of sweet, fruity, and bitter coffee flavors with a sky-high Untappd rating of 4.39!

DSSOLVR Billion Bear Death Stare $14.99/4pk

We’re always in the mood for a nice, clean Italian pilsner and this one does not disappoint. This crispy boi is a Sunday afternoon in a sip: notes of fresh bread, soup crackers slathered in citrus marmalade, and a hint of wind-kissed wildflowers in a freshly-mown field. Not to mention the characteristic crisp, hoppy bite, minerality, and pleasing dry finish we come to expect with a well-made Italian pils. Plus, the label on the can is just too good - we’ll definitely be adding it to our collection!

Prairie Mint Condish $17.99/4pk

We may be inching toward spring, but let’s not forget that we’re still in the midst of dark beer season. Perfect for chilly late winter nights, Mint Condish is a pastry stout brewed with cacao nibs, vanilla, espresso coffee, and peppermint. Coffee, cola, and dark chocolate notes abound as this beer hits that sweet spot perfectly situated between decadence and drinkability. 

Equilibrium Tangerine Peel Laboratory $23.99/4pk

Big, vibrant, and juicy, this collab between Equilibrium and Foam Brewers is loaded with aromas of just-pressed tangerines and oranges. A heavy oat base lends this brew its hazy character, while Amarillo and Citra round out its hop profile. This mimosa of a beer is then conditioned on a whopping 600 pounds of tangerine pulp, rendering it zesty, pulpy, and smooth with just a touch of sweetness.

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