Eden Specialty Ciders

Eden Imperial 11° Rosé

Size: Single, 750 mL
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Imperial 11° Rosé is inspired by the French countryside - conceived from a dream of a light breeze, a splash of fruit, and sunlight. For those who don’t know, Vermonters say we have 5 seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and - mud. Mud season promises change. The snow thaws, our trees begin to awaken…and you get stuck on the road on the way to the orchard. Imperial 11° Rosé was born out of a mud-season-inspired longing for a glass of Provençal rosé wine and a salad niçoise, hosted in a field of flowers.

Light, dry-yet-fruity rosé made with 100% Vermont heirloom apples and infused with red currant juice. Smoothed with just a touch of ice cider.


Style, Cider
Brewery, Eden Specialty Ciders
ABV, 11%
City/ST, Newport, VT
Country, United States