Brasserie Dupont

Avec Les Bon Voeux Magnum

Size: Single, 1.5 L

Be the star of the party with this 1.5L bottle! Nothing beats seeing in the new year with the best wishes (“bons vœux” in French) of the Brasserie Dupont.

The “Bons Vœux” was born in 1970. Back then, if you were lucky enough to taste some on New Year’s Day, you must have been a very loyal customer! Exclusive and highly sought after, this beer was brewed in limited quantities. It would be pre-ordered months in advance by its most passionate fans. Best wishes are only worth something if they are shared!

This beer releases intense aromas of yellow fruit (ripe banana), citrus (orange and lemon) and spices (clove). These aromas unfurl in a rich, complex palate with hints of malt (roasted hazelnut).


Style, Belgian
Brewery, Brasserie Dupont
ABV, 9.5%
City/ST, Tourpes
Country, Belgium