Equilibrium South St. Foeder Pils

Size: 4-pack, 16 fl oz
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We took our South St. Pils and let it lager in our dedicated Pilsner Foeder for an extended time. After more than three months, our second Pilsner out of our South Street facility is here as a perfect companion to our Bonfire BBQ program.
South St. Pils pours a translucent golden yellow with brilliant clarity. Proper slow-pour technique creates a large rocky head releasing complex aromas of oak, fresh cut grass, bready crackers, and blooming flowers. This beer is exceptionally balanced with perfect bitterness and clean finish that refreshes your palate and guides you like a sherpa to your next sip.

Style, Lager / Pilsner
Brewery, Equilibrium
ABV, 5.5%
City/ST, Middletown, NY
Country, United States