Equilibrium Star Light IPA

Size: 4-pack, 16 fl oz
Star Light uses a heavy 2-row base with some adjunct grains, a 100% Citra LUPOMAX whirlpool, and a Citra T90, Citra LUPOMAX, Mosaic, and Galaxy dry hop. With a tropical smoothie aroma, explosive custard-like flavors of mango and pulpy grovestand OJ lead with waves of papaya, peach rings, key lime, pineapple puree, and orange sherbet with a creamy rainbow melon #EQjuice finish. With its dangerously drinkable nature and the clear, cold nights ahead, Star Light is a great companion to look up and enjoy some night meditation and stargazing of your own.

Style, IPA
Brewery, Equilibrium
ABV, 8%
City/ST, Middletown, NY
Country, United States