Equilibrium Tangerine Peel Laboratory

Size: 4-pack, 16 fl oz
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We went Straight into the Laboratory with our friends from Vermont to bring you something brand new, a triple conditioned on tangerine purée and citrus zest. We started out with a heavy base of wheat and oats and then a big dose of citra before conditioning it on over 600lbs of tangerine purée and citrus zest. We then dry hopped it with additional citra and citra cryo hops.

Tangerine Peel Laboratory pours a bright yellow and has an aromas of just pressed, sweet tangerine and oranges. It’s flavor is big, bright, and vibrant mimicking carbonated tangerine juice. It starts off zesty, has a touch of sweetness and transforms into our smooth and balanced #EQjuice finish. This is absolutely the most fun we had in the laboratory yet.

Style, IPA
Brewery, Equilibrium
ABV, 10.5%
City/ST, Middletown, NY
Country, United States