Green Bench

Green Bench Hillda's Guiding Bolt

Size: Single, 375 mL
Hillda’s Guiding Bolt is a shockingly complex and purposefully blended Mixed Culture Sour IPA. First, we brewed a hazy pale ale hoped with Citra and Lemondrop. Then, we hand selected Foeder fermented mixed culture golden ales that had been resting in neutral wine barrels since 7/10/2019 and blended them together, creating an insanely tropical and fruity, subtlety resinous and tannic, full bodied and juicy, Citra and Lemondrop DDH Mixed Culture Sour IPA. This beer is equally acidic, hoppy, elegant, and intellectually stimulating. The intricacies of the acid profile cannot be replicated quickly, and the resulting beer provides an enhanced and elevated experience.

Style, IPA
Brewery, Green Bench
ABV, 6.5%
City/ST, St Petersburg, FL
Country, United States