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Redolent Sister from Another Mister


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Following the creation of Brother From Another Mother, we simply couldn't resist bringing forth a Sister From Another Mister into the world. And while many people encouraged us to make a delicate pink wine or a crisp white blend for the Sister, we wanted to go for power. We both love Sangiovese and Syrah, so we thought it would be a fun blend opportunity, ala a Super Tuscan (Super Sister, anyone?).

This wine of America is really a wine of the Pacific Northwest, and most specifically, a wine of the Columbia River Gorge. It is made from Syrah grapes grown on the steep mountain slopes of Mt. Hood and Sangiovese grapes grown along the Columbia River. This wine high fives hearty dishes. Think braised or grilled beef and lamb, pappardelle pasta smothered in pork ragout, bistro smash burgers, mushroom risotto, and robust ratatouille or ribollita. Seafood, with the right sauce, pairs great too. And you can always rely on the classic match of bold red wine and aged cheeses. All this said, we find the wine delicious as a standalone drinking experience. It has a powerful character but enough restraint to not cross the line into opulence.

Aromas of black cherry, blackberries, red currant, raspberry, mint, hints of dried herbs, subtle violets and lavender notes lead into flavors of white cranberry, ripe wild strawberry, red cherry, green olive tapenade, grilled herbs, earthy undertones with a touch of fennel root, all guided by lively acidity, a solid structure and robust, grippy tannins.

Producer, Redolent
Region, Willamette Valley, OR
Country, United States
ABV, 13.5%
Bottle Size, 750 mL