Schramm's Pacific Bramble

Size: Single, 375 mL
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Schramm's Pacific Bramble+ possesses some of the most concentrated and delicious flavors in the world of fruit. Loganberries, tayberries, red and black raspberies combine to create a poised and harmonious expression of dark, dense fruits. The mouthfeel of Pacific Bramble+ is luscious and rich. Powerful aromatics of red and black fruit lead into a beautiful balance of tart, juicy, fresh berry acidity and deep, full body with complex, earthy tannins. The sweetness, tannin, and acidity make this mead both easy to pair with food and extraordinarily age-worthy.

Style, Mead
Brewery, Schramm's
ABV, 14%
City/ST, Ferndale, MI
Country, United States