Untitled Art

Untitled Art Berliner Weisse Non-Alcoholic

Size: 6-pack, 12 fl oz
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We started with a classic Berliner Weisse recipe with wheat and barley malt and European hops, but of course we had to toss in an innovative Untitled Art twist with the addition of a new yeast strain called London Tropics.

Many traditional and modern Berliner Weiss beers add fruit or flavored syrups to balance out the lactic tartness of the beer, but here the London Tropic yeast uses specially-engineered enzymes to unlock the underlying thiol compounds in the malts and hops, releasing aromatic tropical notes without the addition of fruit or syrups. Then of course we used our state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology to filter out all of the alcohol and none of the flavor. Yeah science!

Style, Non-Alcoholic
Brewery, Untitled Art
ABV, <0.5%
City/ST, Waunakee, WI
Country, United States