Hop City Beer & Wine

Weldwerks Sampler

Size: 4-pack, 16 fl oz

Established in 2015, Weldwerks is best known for its flagship Juicy Bits, which is regarded as among the most consistent, dialed-in hazy IPAs in the world. Juicy Bits is fantastic, but there’s even more to this stellar Colorado stalwart! We’re always quick to add their rotating seasonals to our “Beer Snacks” staff education sessions. Get to know Weldwerks a little better with this selection of 4 limited offerings, which freshly arrived last week: Blueberry Cobbler Sour, DDH Robo Boogie, Extra Extra Juicy Times, and POG Gelato Sour.


Style, Variety
Brewery, Hop City Beer & Wine
ABV, 4.5-10%
City/ST, CO
Country, United States