A Taste of Tennessee Craft: Yazoo Brewing

Aug 10, 2023

Alongside country music and whiskey, Tennessee artisans can also craft great beer, and Yazoo Brewing out of Nashville is a prime example. This week we shed some light on a few of their limited release Embrace the Funk bottles as well as several year round fixtures. Want a deeper dive? Join us next week at Fizz Ed as Sean Dowd of Yazoo will lead us through a tasting of core, seasonal and collab beers while educating us about the new technology and processes used to produce their classic and experimental styles.

Blanche Tank 4 (5.0%) - this Belgian style wheat beer spent time fermenting in oak foeder tank # 4 with a house souring yeast blend and a classic witbier strain. $9.99 / 12oz single; available at Krog

Elm & Fitzhugh (4.8%) - unique and interesting collab with fellow funk master Jester King; an American Wild Ale with Yazoo's house & local cultures that were open cooled and fermented with herbs from Jester's farmland. $12.99 / 500 mL bottle; available at Krog

Locale (3.8%) - A Pale Ale with low calories (90) and low carbs (4 grams) but big on flavor. $11.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog & West End

Gerst (4.9%) - an homage to the pre-prohibition brewery of the same name, Gerst is a light bodied and easy drinking Amber Ale. $10.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog

Calla IPA (6.0%) - a sessionable hazy IPA perfect for the boat or beach. $10.99 / 12 oz 6-pack

Sue (9.2%) - Yazoo's rift on the South's love of smoke and bbq, Sue is a go-to Porter that is silky smooth and velvety. $10.99 / 12oz 6-pack; available at Krog & West End

Zure Bruine - Flanders style sour brown ale and another excellent sire of the Embrace the Funk series; $19.99 / 750 mL bottle; available at Krog

Open (9.3%) - Yazoo teamed up with local Nashville yeast wranglers Bootleg Biology, to craft this open top fermented dark wheat ale that spent a year aging in Syrah barrels. $21.99 / 12 oz 4-pack; available at Krog

We also have their extra special 8-way collab in package at Krog, Octatonic (featured a few weeks ago) as well as a few lingering singles of Birthday Saison, Foeder Fruits and Foudre Noir at West End.

Prefer the draft route? Pull up a stool and grab a pour of Yazoo's recently released Foeder Fruits (Peach & Lemon) (on tap at Krog Bar) or their award winning Saison de Bois (on tap at West End).


The trucksĀ carried a light load this week...
  • Bluejacket Ocean Views

  • Bluejacket Bazooka Tooth
  • Humble Forager Enchanted Island V6 (9.0%)
  • The Brewing Projekt Death Bloom (6.3%)
  • The Brewing Projekt Desert'd (7.2%)

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