All American Wines to Celebrate Summer

Jul 01, 2023

We’re sharing a handful of American wines we’re loving right now, wines to quench your thirst and beat the heat. Be sure to grab a few while you’re stocking up for all your holiday weekend festivities.

Where’s Linus? Sauvignon Blanc
Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines collaborated with one of our favorite importers, Jenny & Francois, to bring us the Where’s Linus? line of Northern California wines. Chris’s Sauvignon Blanc is blended with just a touch of Chardonnay to create a fresh white wine that he describes as “sunshine in a bottle”. The wine sees a bit of lees aging in stainless steel tanks to give it some structure and a clean finish. Perfect to pair with grilled seafood or a tropical fruit salad. $23.99; available at Krog & West End

Rootdown Es Okay Rose
Rootdown Cellar’s Es Okay wines are a practice in playfulness, meant to be fun and easy drinking. The blend changes from year to year, but the palate never disappoints. This year’s bottle is bursting with flavors of fresh summer fruits, rhubarb, and a crisp minerality. According to the winemakers it’s “like nibbling on organic fruit leathers and biting into that fleshy part of a pineapple”. $19.99; available at Krog & West End

Early Mountain Young White
Early Mountain makes wines with minimal intervention, something we love here at Hop City. Their crushable white wine is made from 100% Vidal Blanc and while the grape may be unfamiliar to you, it thrives in Virginia’s cooler climate. The juice is refreshing and delicate yet full of flavor. Tropical fruit, soft melon, and honeysuckle flowers balanced with just the right amount of acid make this one hard to put down. $21.99; available at West End
Wavy Wines Super Californian
This natural red from San Benito County is quite the blend! Merlot, Barbera, and Fresia are co-fermented to create the base of the blend. Another handful of varieties are added to the mix creating a super playful, juicy wine. It is fruity, bright, and perfect with a chill. The red berry flavors make it great for a barbeque; throw it in your cooler right alongside the fruit punch! $24.99; available at Krog

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