Joining Forces: Craft Beer Collaborations Bring the Party

Jul 13, 2023

In a world where competition can be fierce, collaborations in the craft beer industry flip the script. Instead of battling it out, breweries team up, combining their distinct brewing styles, techniques, and ingredients to produce brews that are greater than the sum of their parts. These unique partnerships not only amplify the sense of community that defines the craft beer world, they provide an opportunity for brewers to learn from one another, share insights, and push the boundaries of what is possible. And we as beer enthusiasts get to relish in the experience of the awesome limited release batches that result!

Our inspiration for this week's newsletter was a fantastic collab that arrived from Equilibrium & Parish (see Ghost in the Laboratory below). We put our uber knowledgeable staff on the hunt down the aisles to pluck a few others off the shelves we think you really need to check out. So go ahead, crack one open and take a moment to savor the flavors and the community that brought it to life. It's a toast to good times, great beer, and the joy of coming together in the spirit of adventure. Cheers!

Yazoo Octatonic (6.5%) - Mixed culture blonde ale aged in Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and neutral Allagash barrels. A brain child of Yazoo brewer Brandon Jones (Embrace the Funk), this collab features local grains and microbes from true brew masters in the industry. Wait for it... Russian River, Allagash, Jester King and Green Bench (!!) all teamed up with Yazoo for this extra special batch. These cans snuck onto the shelves a few weeks ago and believe us when we say you're going to want to grab the last few remaining ones (I think we have a case left of this print) as this beer is fantastic and interesting in ALL the right ways.

$21.99 / 16oz pack; available at Krog only

Equilibrium Ghost in the Laboratory (8.5%) - a hazy DIPA from two craft brewers pushing boundaries in the haze frontier, Equilibrium and Parish Brewing teamed up to create Ghost in the Laboratory. It's big, super citrusy, dank, resinous and yet surprisingly crushable and smooth given it's ABV. It's an outstanding take on a hazy IPA and brings together the best qualities of Straight Outta the Laboratory and Ghost in the Machine. It's a winner. Get a 4-pack while we have them.

$21.99 / 16oz pack; available at Krog and West End

Green Bench Bus Beer (4.4%) - Green Bench brewer Kris Johnson spent a week in the Czech Republic with fellow brewers from Cohesion, Schilling, Threes and ATL faves Halfway Crooks and Monday Night Brewing. Part mission trip and part summer camp, the six piled on a bus every day to tour the country and learn about Czech beer, ingredients and producers. Needless to say, it was life changing and led to the team collectively coming together to make a Czech-style pale lager meant to represent and pay homage to their trip and all the Pilsner Urquell consumed along the way.

$14.99 / 16oz pack; available at Krog and West End

The Veil Luxurious Luxury Vol 13 (9%) - The Veil and Evil Twin are on version 13 of their ongoing collaboration, Luxurious Luxury, an imperial Berliner Gose with blackberry, black currant, cherry, marshmallow, 24k gold flakes and black truffle salt. It's thick, juicy, weird and excellent.

$21.99 / 16oz pack; available at Krog and West End

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