Ease Your Way into Wet February With These Low ABV Brews

Jan 25, 2024

It’s official - the last week of Dry January is upon us! February is knocking on the door, but - before you hop back onto the wagon - let’s have some real talk. After taking a break from imbibing, it’s wise to ease your way back into the world of boozy beverages. You’re feeling a little healthier, you’ve suddenly become way more of a morning person, or maybe you’re wary of your tolerance being a little lower. Fortunately, lower ABV beer is on trend, and there are plenty of fantastic options to help you dip your toes into Damp February.

Three Taverns Beeps $10.99/6pk (3.5%)

Genuine Beeps lager beer is easy drinking, crisp, and classic. This year-round offering from Three Taverns launched last year, and has become a local favorite for lovers of beer that tastes like beer. At 3.5%, it’s the perfect brew to guiltlessly quaff after a hard day’s work.

Aslin Power Moves $14.99/4pk (5.5%)

If you’re a hop lover in search of a low ABV juice bomb, we have excellent news! Power Moves is a sessionable IPA that packs all of the flavor of its boozier brethren. Hopped with Chinook, Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic, this beer strikes the perfect balance between dank and easy drinking.

Parish Blueberry Mochi $17.99/4pk (4.5%)

This decadent Berliner Weisse-style dessert sour is back! Brewed with rice flakes and lactose, this delightful brew calls to mind a traditional Japanese Mochi ball stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Madagascar vanilla and fresh blueberry purée harmonize in a blue ambrosia, creating a nectar-like ale with a distinctly smooth character.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier $15.99/6pk (4.8%)

Schwarzbier, or “black beer” in German, is known for roasted malt flavors, subtle sweetness, and gentle bittersweet chocolate notes. Kostritzer is an exemplar of the style, and is ideal if you want a dark beer without the sugar or high alcohol content of pastry and imperial stouts. We’re also in the midst of a lager revival, and we expect dark lagers to be a top beer trend in 2024. Hop on the bandwagon now!


- Septre Sickle & Peace Hazy Pale Ale
- Heavy Seas Triple Cannon Triple IPA

- Burial Contrition German Style Pilsner

- Heavy Seas Blackbeard’s Breakfast BBA Porter
- Burial Lightgrinder Porter
- Duclaw Pastryarchy Unicorn Farts after Dark Dessert Stout

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