Splash into the End of Dry January with Exciting New Wine!

Jan 19, 2024

Dry January has been nice and all- I’ve lost a couple of pounds, I have more money to spend on things like collectible McDonald’s toys from the 80s (did I really need that?), and my face is reminiscent of its prepubescent predecessor. However, if you're beginning to experience Alice in Wonderland syndrome like I am, then you too are having hallucinations of your wine bottles saying “drink me”. 

I personally have a stash of wines at work that are eagerly anticipating their journey home with me come February 1. New and exciting bottles that recently hit the shop floor. Bottles that are made with high standards and care, but that will most probably be consumed quicker than they should be. Here is February’s foreseeable drinking forecast: 

Colectivo Mutante PX #1 | $18.99 

What a cool name, right?... Colectivo Mutante (Mutant Collective) is a small project formed by friends Diego Edwards and Cedric Nicolle in 2016. They work with a grower from the Limarí Valley in Chile that farms Pedro Ximenez grapes for Pisco production. Diego and Cedric thought that a particular 1 hectare parcel had potential for making high quality wine because of its calcareous soil and proximity to the coast. PX #1 (Pedro Ximenez/1 hectare) bursts through your nostrils with tropical notes of papaya, banana, and pineapple, yet has bright acidity and florals on the palate. This wine would be a perfect match for anything spicy. 

Odyssey Nebiru | $24.99 

Nebiru was inspired by a note written in 1606 by Gian Battista Croce, a jeweler for the House of Savoy. He wrote of an experimental take on nebbiolo that was fresher, crisper, and crunchier in style. The word “Nebiru” is a play on the words “nebbiolo” and the mysterious shadow planet of Nibiru, from Babylonian astrology. This velvety wine tastes of black plums, exotic spices, and dried rose petals, and is meant to transport you to a bygone era to the untrodden paths of nebbiolo’s history. Only 300 cases were made, so get your hands on a bottle before they’ve disappeared into the cosmos. 

Clos des Papes Le Petit Vin d'Avril Rouge | 32.99 

Clos des Papes is one of the established names of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The family has been living in the village for centuries and were among the people who created the appellation for the village. This wine is produced by current winemaker, Vincent Avril. Avril uses the leftover grapes that don’t make it into his high-end bottles for this kitchen

sink blend of grenache, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, mourvedre, carignan, and cinsault. This bottle, with notes of crunchy cherry juice and white pepper is an absolute steal at 32.99.

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