East Coast vs West Coast - Hot Drops from The Veil and El Segundo

Jun 22, 2023

The Veil Brewing Company and El Segundo Brewing represent the dynamic clash between the East Coast and West Coast beer scenes...like a rap battle, but with hops and malt.

On the East Coast, The Veil Brewing Company emerges from the mist like a haze-drenched wizard. They bring a certain audacity to the table, with their experimental flavors and penchant for pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. They're like the wild child of the brewing world, stirring up excitement with each limited release. It's as if they're saying, "Hey West Coast, we see your love for hops, but we'll take it a step further and add whatever we can get our hands on!"

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, El Segundo Brewing holds steadfast like a sun-soaked surfing guru. They embody the classic West Coast style, crafting hop-forward beers that ride the waves of balance and craftsmanship. They're all about celebrating the essence of the hops themselves, saying, "East Coast, we appreciate your experimental flair, but we'll stick to our roots and let the hops do the talking."

So, whether you're vibing with The Veil Brewing Company's daring creativity on the East Coast or nodding your head to El Segundo Brewing's West Coast finesse, we can all agree that both sides bring their own unique flavor to the table. Check out our offerings this week from each of them, with the option to order online for pickup or delivery.


  • New New Mirage Mirage Enhanced (6%) - Double dry-hopped Hazy IPA hopped with Mosaic, Nelson, Simcoe, Strata, and Citra.
  • Strange & Eternal (6%) - IPA with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Motueka.
  • pinkferrari3 (8%) - Luxuriously soft DIPA, triple dry hopped w/ the freshest Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy
  • The Bug Man (8%) - Hazy DIPA showcasing delicious El Dorado and Simcoe hops.
  • Dirt Nap (8.8%) - Hazy DIPA with Mosaic, Citra, Nelson and Galaxy.
  • We We Ded Ded (11%) - Double dry hopped Citra TIPA
  • Apri-Guava Tastee (5.5%) - Smoothie-style Sour Ale with apricot, guava and milk sugar.
  • Luxurious Luxury Vol. 13 (9%) - Imperial Berliner Gose Ale brewed with blackberry, black currant, cherry, marshmallow and black truffle salt.
  • Ice Cold (5.9%) - open-fermented, package-conditioned Saison brewed with 100% wheat and gently hopped with Motueka and Nelson hops.
  • Numb (4.4%) - lager brewed with Pilsner malt and hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh.

*Note: All Veil products listed above are arriving in-store at Krog & West End on FRIDAY, June 23 and are available for pre-sale now (pickup or delivery).


We regularly stock Broken Skull and Broken Skull DIPA at Hop City, but we don't often get our hands on other El Segundo releases like below!

  • 311 Come Original (7%) - IPA featureing Simcoe, Mosaic, and Chinook hops
  • Greetings From El Segundo (11%) - anniversary triple IPA with, wait for it...Citra, Nelson, Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, El Dorado, Loral, Strata, Columbus Cryo, Motueka
  • Hammerland (8.6%) - Double IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe, Chinook, & Centennial
  • Mayberry (7.2%) - IPA with Mosaic, Cascade, Chinook
  • Smooth Deep Blues (6.8%) - IPA with Strata, Citra, Amarillo


UPCOMING EVENT: July Fizz Ed with Moody Tongue!

We're switching things up a little bit for the July Fizz Ed event! Our special host, Moody Tongue, is the world's first Michelin-starred brewery...so we're leaning into the theme. Our very own (and very talented) culinary directory, Megan Brent will pair expertly crafted small bites with each of the six Moody Tongue beers being sampled. Tuition is only $12 and only 25 seats are available. Nab tickets while you can!

Dates & Times:
Thursday, July 13, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Hop City Beer & Wine - West End

Wednesday, July 19, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Barleygarden Kitchen Fayetteville



In addition to The Veil and El Segundo mentioned above, here's what else the trucks dropped off...

New Anthem: Drip Strata (6.1%)
New Anthem: Steez (7.3%)
Newgrass: Fiddler’s Dream (6.7%)

Newgrass: Crab Apple Crispies (6%)
Newgrass/Divine Barrel: Fritter & Waste (6%)
Newgrass: Push It Real Good Cherry Limeade (6%)
Newgrass: Push It Real Good Tangerine (6%)
Pontoon: Key Wester (7%)

Creature Comforts: Townie Turquoise (5.1%)
Newgrass: 11° Czech Pilsner (4.6%)
Newgrass: Argy Bargy (4.6%)

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