Embracing Wine on the Go

Jun 23, 2023

A nice, chilled bottle of wine is often the perfect accompaniment to a picnic or a day on the boat, but parks, beaches and other places to spend gorgeous summer days often don’t mix well with glass.

Enter the increased use of alternative packaging. Wine in cans, boxes and bags have previously had a bad rep, but the quality of wine available in non-glass containers has improved dramatically in recent years. Wines every bit worthy of being in a bottle are now packaged in containers that you can bring anywhere.

Here are some of our favorite portable wines for your next trip outdoors:


These wines are made by one of Oregon’s classic producers: Stoller Family Estate. Their cans - developed after years of research and testing to get the perfect liner to preserve the flavor of the wines - feature the varieties that Oregon is most famous for: Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, as well as a sparkling white and a sparkling rosé.

$6.99/ 375 mL (~ 1/2 bottle of wine); Available at Krog


California’s Brick & Mortar is known for their elegant, characterful sparkling wines, and they package both white and rosé bubbles in cans. The white is a blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay (no oak), and the rosé is made from 100% Syrah.

$6.99 / 375 mL (~ 1/2 bottle of wine); Rosé and White Bubbles available at West End; Rosé Bubbles available at Fayetteville


These Spanish-produced wines are made with 100% organic, hand-harvested grapes, and spontaneously fermented with native yeasts. The minimal intervention approach allows the bright, fresh character of the fruit to shine through. The red and rosé are both made with 100% Garnacha.

$5.99 / 250 mL (~ large glass of wine); available at Krog


This classic Côtes du Rhône red blend from a cooperative of small producers features Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. It’s packaged in a vacuum pouch that includes both a carrying handle and an integrated spout, making this easy to take with you and to keep the wine fresh and pure for several weeks.

$24.99 for 1.5 L (equivalent to 2 bottles); available at Krog & West End


These Italian wines take advantage of paper-based Tetra Pak technology - the same recyclable material that boxed stock and soups, and that preserves opened liquids for several days or even weeks when refrigerated. The packaging is extremely lightweight and can be taken anywhere where glass isn’t allowed. Available in red - 100% Sangiovese grown in Tuscany - and white - 100% Grillo from Sicily. Both wines are made from 100% organic fruit.

$21.99 / 1 liter (equivalent to ~ 1 1/3 bottles); available at Krog

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