Favorites for the Fourth!

Jun 28, 2024

Sweltering weather is in full swing and the quintessential summer holiday week is upon us! We've got all the ingredients you need to make the summer season and your Fourth activities sizzle!


Lean into the patriotic vibes with our fantastic selection of fun, festive red, white, and blue themed beverages.

450 North Slushy XL Popsicle Rocket - This smoothie sour is conditioned on crazy amounts of raspberry, cherry and lemonade. $13.99 / 16oz 2-pack 

Untitled Art Rocket Popsicle - What better to pair with the rocket's red glare than this liquid salute to blue-tongued nostalgia? Try out this festive blue seltzer on draft at our Krog bar, too! $16.99 / 12oz 6-pack


Melting away in the oppressive heat we’ve been feeling? Crank up the A/C and cool down with these delicious refreshers.

Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso Watermelon & Salt - We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this warm szn winner! It just arrived this week and it’s already become one of our summer staples! $13.99 / 12oz 6-pack

Westbrook Beer to Drink When It’s Hot Outside - This ultra refreshing warm weather lager is brewed with flaked corn, key lime puree, and lightly dry-hopped with Motueka. $12.99 / 16oz 4-pack

Honest Abe Mexican Lollipop - If we had a nickel for every time a guest tries this watermelon habanero cider on draft, then heads to the bottle shop and goes home with a full case! The perfect mix of fruit and spice - a true fan favorite! $14.99 / 16oz 4-pack


For diverse tastes, we have variety beer, seltzer, and non-alcoholic packs that are sure to please any crowd.

Untitled Art Florida Seltzer Variety Pack V1 - Find out why these are the best seltzers we’ve ever tried! Each pack contains three 12oz cans each of the Blackberry Agave, Blood Orange Pomegranate, Pineapple Mango and Prickly Pear Guava Florida Seltzers. $30.99 / 12oz 12-pack

Monday Night Variety - A local staple! Includes 3 cans each of the brewery's most popular beers: Blind Pirate IPA, Death Raptor IPA, Dr. Robot Sour Ale, and Taco Tuesday Mexican Lager. $19.99 / 12oz 12-pack

Best Day Non-Alcoholic Variety - Enjoy all 3 of Best Day's fantastic n/a brews in this variety 12-pack! Each pack contains 4 cans each of the Kölsch, West Coast IPA, and Hazy IPA styles. $23.99 / 12oz 12-pack


450 North Cryo Mosaic Nuggets DIPA 

450 North Slushy Lite Pacific Punch 

450 North Slushy Lite Tigers Blood 

450 North Slushy XL Blue Moon Scoop 

450 North Slushy XL Popsicle Rocket

450 North Slushy XXL Fruit Crunch Bar 

450 North / Tripping Animals Strawberry Banana Pistachio Milkshake IPA

Ace High House of the Dragon 

Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso Watermelon & Salt

Creature Comforts Back to Bitter

Hoppin’ Frog BA Doris the Destroyer

Hoppin’ Frog BBA Peanut Butter Hazelnut Cake

Hoppin’ Frog German Chocolate Cake

Hoppin’ Frog Peanut Butter Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate Cake

Hoppin’ Frog Toris the Tyrant

Other Half Brewing All Citra Everything

Other Half Brewing Broccoli 

Other Half Brewing Comfort Hops 

Other Half Brewing IACEd in Space 

Other Half Brewing Nectar Diamonds

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