Island Wines!

Jul 05, 2024

Jade Palmer, Hop City Krog Wine Manager

If you’re not already in the midst of holiday week travels, you’re probably feeling a bit of wanderlust. I don’t know about y’all, but I’d love to be on an island somewhere right now. ‘Tis the season, amirite? Thankfully, there are plenty of islands that make incredible wine. This week, I’m highlighting some of my favourite island wines. Even though I’m not traveling to these places, these wines are a delightful snapshot of specific times and places. It’s all about the terroir

Envinate Palo Blanco - $52.99

Envinate is a winemaking project created by four friends; some of their wines are made from local varieties on the Canary Islands. This project got a nice little spotlight in Noble Rot’s Wine from Another Galaxy book, which catapulted their cult popularity. Palo Blanco is made from Listan Blanco and is very savoury and mineral-driven with a light floral note. It truly captures the terroir of the islands well. Enjoy this special bottle with a half dozen oysters or a cheese plate full of funky, salty cheeses

Caruso e Minini Catarratto - $22.99

This gorgeous white wine comes from a sister duo making wine in their native Sicily from organically farmed vineyards. Cataratto is native to the region, displaying notes of honeysuckle, lemon, and orange with a pleasing saline finish. This is the perfect accompaniment to lighter pasta, white fish, or a simple arugula salad. 

Makarounas En Arhi - $23.99

Cyprus isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of Cabernet Franc, but you don’t want to overlook this gem. It’s brimming with flavours of cherries, strawberries, fruit leather, and blackberries. There’s a beautiful balance between fruit and savoury notes here - ideal for barbequed foods. 

Cardedu Praja Monica - $21.99

This wine was meant for enjoying at the beach, which is what “praja” means in Sardinian. Monica is a native grape to Sardinia, boasting aromas of wild red fruit, figs, sage, and dry earth. Chill this bottle down and enjoy it outside during these sweltering summer days.

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