Great wines of Spain

Mar 24, 2023

Spain has a rich tradition of winemaking that dates back to Roman times. Today, Spain is one of the largest wine-producing countries in the world and offers a wide variety of wines that are loved by enthusiasts worldwide. The country's warm climate, diverse topography, and variety of grape varieties provide ideal conditions for the production of unique, high-quality and exceptionally valued wines.

Lahu Txakolina Blanco

It would be hard to find a wine more perfectly suited to warm spring and summer days than Spain’s refreshing Txakoli (pronounced Chock-oh-lee). A wine that was traditionally produced for farmers’ own consumption in Spain’s Basque region, the charms of this brisk, slightly effervescent white have been spreading over the past few decades.

Lahu is an insanely tasty example of the style. Envision crisp green apple mixed with perfectly ripe nectarine, and a wisp of sea-spray salinity that enhances the fruit flavors. There’s the slightest tingle of sparkle and an undercurrent of wet stone. $19.99; available at Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Naipes “Brisca” Garnacha Tinta

Tempranillo - via Spain’s highly regarded Rioja region - often gets all the Spanish red wine love, but Garnacha is arguably the star of the country’s red wine output. The same grape as France’s Grenache, Garnacha thrives in Spain’s hot, dry growing regions, developing intriguing notes of peppery, cinammony spice while retaining a vibrant juiciness to its red fruit profile. Brisca Garnacha, from the biodynamic producer Naipes, opens with ripe red fruits and finishes with an extended mineral and herbal finish. Bold without being heavy, this pairs up nicely with grilled meats. $18.99; available at Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Naipes “Mus” Garnacha Blanca

Garnacha/Grenache is primarily known as a red grape, but there’s also a species that produces white fruit. Mus sings with tropical fruit - think mango and kiwi - with a sturdy foundation of stony minerality and hints of savory dried herbs. High acidity keeps this wine light and refreshing, even as it maintains plenty of body. Excellent on its own or with dinner salads. $17.99; Available at Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Zillamina Tinto

Made from 100% Monastrell (the Spanish version of the Mourvèdre grown in France and the US), Zillamina demonstrates one of the characteristics that stands out in so many Spanish wines: providing a full-bodied, richly flavored wine that nevertheless tastes fresh and lively. The glass bursts with fresh red fruits, accents of dried black fruits, and a pleasantly warming spiciness. Great with Mediterranean and North African-inspired dishes. $18.99; Available at Krog, West End & Fayetteville


Can Sumoi Ancestral Montònega

Spanish sparkling wines are perhaps best known for being a source of inexpensive bubbles, but that sells the country short on the quality that it can achieve with its fizz. Can Sumoi’s offering is as elegant and carefully produced as Champagne, without the Champagne price. Made by the storied Raventos family - whose Raventos i Blanc wines are widely regarded as some of the finest sparkling that Spain produces - Can Sumoi is produced using biodynamically grown fruit and has its secondary fermentation in bottle, using the ancestral method that is utilized in pet-nats. The result is a wine that straddles traditional sparkling and pet-nats, with loads of crisp green fruit and the fine yeasty notes that mark high-quality bottles of bubbly. Can Sumoi Ancestral Montònega- $22.99; available at Krog

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