Halfway Crooks hitting distro!

Mar 30, 2023

Nestled within the confines of the former Atlanta Braves stadium (Turner Field) and the significantly revitalized Summerhill neighborhood, Halfway Crooks is a beloved local brewery with a rooted history in the Atlanta beer scene. We're excited to highlight Halfway, because for the first time, cans are being released into distribution and will start hitting our shelves next week, thus ushering in quite a bit of goed (Dutch for good) excitement to their lager loving fans. We happen to be one of those fans, and not only for their incredible lagering touch.

Joran Van Ginderachter, head brewer, was born in Belgium into a family of beer enthusiasts and trained at acclaimed breweries such as Brouwerij van Honsebrouck and Brouwerij Bockor. He got his start in Atlanta at Three Taverns Brewery and in 2018, co-founded Halfway Crooks with fellow brewer Shawn Bainbridge and friend Tim Kilic.

Halfway is known for their experimental approach to brewing, using unique ingredients and skilled techniques to create distinct and highly regarded beers. They often draw inspiration for their craft from Europe, but in addition to Belgian-style saisons and near perfect German-style lagers, their expertise is also reflected in high quality hop-forward IPAs and barrel-aged sours.

Join us next week as we help celebrate their big moment with an event at Hop City Krog and West End. In addition to taking home cans of Farina (see below), you'll have a chance to meet co-founders Joran and Shawn as we tap into four fresh kegs from one of Atlanta's (and the country's) best breweries.


Farina (4.8%) - top fermented Kolsch-style beer and a Hop City staff favorite. Notes of biscuity German pilsner malt along with white wine, pear and floral German hops. Super drinkable, refreshing and delicious.

Farina will be available in package starting next week at Krog, West End & Fayetteville and also on tap at Krog & West End.

Active Low (4.9%) - quintessential German-style pilsner with Noble hops. Brilliant, clean and herbal.

*Note: Active Low will be arriving in mid-April


Meet the team behind the beer and drink these fresh from the bar! Joran will be on-site at Hop City Krog on Thursday, April 6 while Shawn will be hosting at West End on Friday, April 7. Follow us on social channels to stay up to date on times and other details!

Radix (4.8%) - German-style pilsner brewed with Hallertau Blanc from Bavaria. Delicate malt with ripe white grapes and key lime pie character. Krog & West End

Super Super Turbo Turbo (5.0%) - Japanese-inspired rice lager. Ridiculously clean, herbal and crushable!; Krog only

Lower (5.5%) - an American-style pilsner with very subtle citrus notes and a light bready/cracker base; West End only

Echo (7.3%) - German-style Dopplebock. Carmelly, roasty, lightly hopped and a touch of sweetness; Krog & West End

Farina - as described above; Krog & West End




  • Burial: Prophetmaker (5%)
  • Equilibrium: Photon (4.8%)
  • Wild Leap: Alpha Abstraction Vol. 23 (8%)


  • Hi-Wire: Margarita Sour (4.8%)
  • RAR Brewing: Out of Order Booty Trap (6%)
  • RAR Brewing: Out of Order Gonna Hit You So Hard (6%)
  • RAR Brewing: Jerk Alert (6%)
  • RAR Brewing: Never Say Die (6%)
  • RAR Brewing: Out of Order Shame Shame (6%)
  • RAR Brewing: Saving Astoria (5%)
  • Tripping Animals: Banana Cream Pie (6%)


  • Burial: Billows Kolsch (4.8%)
  • Burial/Halfway Crooks: Low (5.8%)
  • Moody Tongue: Orange Blossom Belgian Blonde (6%)

  • Hi-Wire 10W-40 Chaco Taco (8%)


  • Castellum: Peach Apricot (6.5%)
  • Meridian Hive: Blueberry Lemonade (5%)
  • Meridian Hive: Bastani Delight (12.5%)
  • Meridian Hive: Fandango Fiesta (12.5%)
  • Meridian Hive: Melissa (14.5%)
  • Meridian Hive: Pear Fection (12.5%)


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