Itching for a fresh hazy IPA drop?

Jan 26, 2023

Our post-holiday weekly deliveries up until this week have been purposefully pretty light as staff have been busy with inventory counting. We're celebrating the end of this annual task for a few reasons, but one of the biggest? There's now room for more beer! If you've been yearning for a little more variety and excitement of options, especially by way of the ever adored hazy IPA category, then this week's drop of A-listers is sure to please.


Brewing and flavor formulation has always required a combination of science and art, so when you see a brewery built on the backs (and minds!) of MIT-trained craft beer lovers, it's definitely worth a taste. They're continually honing their craft (and analyzing formulas) to deliver outstanding beer. These juicy, hazy IPAs don't disappoint.

Above the Clouds (8%) - DIPA with a heavy oat base, Citra, Idaho 7 and Nelson hops and a bit of lactose to smoothe it all out. $21.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

Fluff Frequency (6.5%) - A perfectly hop balanced IPA conditioned on marshmallows? Yes, please. $21.99 / 16 oz 4 pack; Krog & West End

Can It Be All So Simple (8.2%) - DIPA collab with The Answer that has hints of pineapple and blueberry. $21.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End

MC^2 (8%) - Super drinkable for a DIPA (EQ's signature fingerprint), MC^2 was created by doubling the hopping rate of it's little pale ale brother, Photon. $19.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
*Looking to try an Equilibrium brew on draft? Evolving Evolution is currently ON TAP at Krog Bar.



Some would say Duende is the best beer produced by Georgia's famed Creature Comforts brewery. The fact that it's only available for a few months of the year amps up the chase and means you need to snag it while you can.

Creature Comforts Duende (8%) - This fruit forward hazy double IPA is oh so smooth and incredibly easy to drink. $16.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End



Tallahassee-based Ology Brewing pumps out a diverse array of beers and they do all of them very well. The hazy IPAs below are continuations of the style that first put them on the map.

Optical Illusion (7%) - El Dorado, Citra, and Sabro hops $17.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog

Unkempt Verdancy (7%) - Experimental New Zealand hops paired with Citra; $19.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog

Polar Drift (8%) - Citra Spectrum, Strata, and Sabro hops $20.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog


New to us beers other than those already mentioned above...

  • Pipeworks: King Cake Ale (7.5%); Krog
  • New Realm: Bat Wit Crazy (5.2%); Krog

  • Equilibrium: Rho Kinetic Energy Vanilla Stout (11%) - Krog & West End
  • Equilibrium: Reverse Migration (11%) - Krog & West End
  • Equilibrium: Möbius Porter (7%) - Krog & West End
  • Pipeworks: Select Schwartbier (6.1%) - Krog & West End
  • Westbrook: Gates of S’mordor (11%) - Krog


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