Jest a minute, you said cans?

Feb 02, 2023

Fresh month, fresh goodies! We've gotten some early love in February at Hop City. Our hearts are full with the first arrival (ever) of Jester King cans, new beer from Burial, a collection from Schramm's and a bevy of options from Great Notion.

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About the new new...



We love most anything from this Texas hill country brewery, which is known for producing wild, barrel-aged and sour beers. We also love their strong commitment to environmental and community sustainability. We're especially excited about the arrival of CANS from Jester King. Why? Because we rarely see them here in GA and we've never had their farmhouse ales in cans. Sometimes it's just nice to have a portable, fridge-friendly beer for one, versus their traditional 750 mL bottle.

  • Le Petite Prince (2.9%) - Perfect for pairing with any light meal, this traditional farmhouse table beer packs a surprising amount of flavor into a tiny abv. $14.99 / 16 oz 4 pack; Krog & West End
  • Queen's Order (4.8%) - a low abv farmhouse ale with Tallow honey and dried lemon peel. $16.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
  • Mr. Mingo (4.8%) - light, mildly tart farmhouse ale with Roselle hibiscus. $16.99/ 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
  • No Whalez Here (6.8%) - a refreshingly light witbier with orange peel, coriander and a touch of lavender. $16.99/ 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
*Looking for draft options from Jester King? Provenance is currently ON TAP at Krog Bar.



Great Notion hails from Portland, Oregon and is best known for producing hazy, fruit-forward IPAs and “culinary-inspired” sours & stouts. We've loaded up with a diverse lineup to have a little bit of something for everyone.

  • Afterglow (7%) - a tailored and crisp West Coast IPA; $21.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
  • Blueberry Muffin (5%) - lightly carbonated, tart and slightly hazed sour - $11.99 / 16 oz 2-pack; Krog & West End
  • Double Stack (11%) - maple syrup flavored imperial stout brewed with coffee; $13.99 / 16 oz 2-pack; Krog & West End
  • Juice Invader (7%) - Australian and New Zealand hops make a statement in this silky smoothe hazy IPA; $21.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog & West End
  • Juice Jr (6%) - easy drinkig single hop Mosaic hazy IPA; $21.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog
  • Notion Light (4.2%) - clear, crisp and crushable lager; $13.99 / 16 oz 4-pack; Krog
  • Orange Creamsicle (7%) - milkshake IPA that tastes just like its ice cream likeness; $11.99 / 16 oz 2-pack; Krog
  • Strawberry Shortcake (6%) - liquid dessert sour with a nice balance of tart and sweet; $11.99 / 16 oz 2-pack; Krog



If you're looking for something a little different to help celebrate a special occasion with your honey, consider picking up a bottle of Shramm's. Our Krog location carries one of the biggest selections around of this standout meadery's crafts, and we just received a large drop of new bottles. Hint-hint: Valentine Batch 2 is a winner.

  • Black Agnes Batch 15 - $34.99; Krog
  • Blackberry Mead - $24.99; Krog
  • Lord Jim Batch 8 - $54.99; Krog
  • The Statement-Lutowka Batch 3 - $30.99; Krog
  • Madeline 6th Birthday - $45.99; Krog
  • Marionberry Batch 5 - $37.99; Krog
  • Raspberry Mead - $24.99; Krog
  • Valentine Batch 2 - $38.99; Krog


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