It's Time for Great Pumpkin Beers, Charlie Brown!

Sep 14, 2023

Just as Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin's arrival, we know many of you have unwavering faith in our annual torrent of pumpkin-infused ales. These bewitching brews capture the essence of autumn with their robust pumpkin flavors, warming spices, and hints of caramel sweetness. Below are a few we think bring a touch of magic to the season, and you don't have to miss out on anything while waiting for them to appear in the pumpkin patch; rest assured, they're here and ready to be enjoyed.


Southern Tier Imperial Pumking (8.6%) - Crust and all, this one truly tastes like a pumpkin pie. Ginger, nutmeg, buttery crust, vanilla and roasted pecans. It's been around for a decade and a half and many lovers of the style point to Pumking as one of the gold standards. $15.99/ 12oz 4-pack

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale (5.0%) - for those looking for a simpler and more subtle take, Brooklyn's version is medium bodied and crisp with a gentle fall spice aftertaste. Not too strong, not too sweet. $10.99 / 12oz 6-pack; ON TAP @ Krog

Shipyard Pumpkinhead (4.5%) - complete with its own mascot, (he goes by Pumpkinhead Pete), this wheat ale is light in color with cinnamon and nutmeg in the nose and palate. Easy to drink while cheering on your favorite fall sports teams. $14.99 / 12oz 6-pack

Heavy Seas Great'er Pumpkin (10.0%) - Deep orange / amber color and aged in bourbon barrels, Great'er Pumpkin is full-bodied with a hefty ABV. Definite notes of warm pumpkin pie spice along with oak and vanilla from the barrels. $17.99 / 12oz 6-pack; ON TAP @ West End

Left Hand Pumpkin Spice Latte Nitro (7.0%) - Starbucks isn't the only game in town where you can get your fix for pumpkin spice latte. Left Hand Brewing delivers with this creamy nitro version featuring a blend of fall spices, pumpkin and coffee from Boulder-based Ozo. Yum! $13.99 / 16oz 4-pack

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (7.0%) - Dogfish doesn't disappoint with this well-balanced version of the style! Not too pumpkin-y, not too sweet and not too overly spiced. Goldilocks approved! $13.99 / 12oz 6-pack

Conduct your own festive taste test comparison of pumpkin brews by way of this week's featured Hop City Splitty Mixpack - all 6 bottles/cans above can be fetched for $16.99.

Psst...if you're a cider fan and in the pumpkin mood, reach for Ace's Pumpkin Cider. It's light and sweet with apple up-front and a blanket of pumpkin on the back end.




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  • Tox: Poltergeist


  • Skygazer: Watercolors Spooky Froot


  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Pinot Noir
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Baies de Sureau
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Cassis
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Pinot Gris
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Riesling
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Gewurztraminer
  • Meerts Tilquin: A la Mirabelle
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Fruits des Bois
  • Meerts Tilquin: Au Pinot Meunier


  • Atlanta Hard Cider Tepache

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