Late Summer Slushy Collabs

Aug 17, 2023

What exactly is a slushy beer anyway? For those new to the term, the name can be confusing. First, to be clear, they aren't frozen. A slushy beer is really just a heavily fruited Berliner Weisse. Heavily fruited is the key phrase, as the brewers who focus on this style add HEAPS of fruit purees to the tart wheat base, with the intent of creating a smooth, thick and seriously fruity flavor profile. Some are sweet, some are tart and some exist somewhere in the middle. Even if you may be a sour hater, slushy beers can be downright delicious and they're often very approachable to a typical non-beer drinker.

One of the most popular slushy beer producers is 450 North Brewing, located just south of Indianapolis, IN. They drop a new batch of a dozen or so beer treats every month, complete with colorful and fun artistic labels. We just received some of their latest concoctions, which are all slushy collaborations with other all-star breweries. Hop on down to pick up a few to try. Tip: Get them extra cold - they're especially tasty during these sweltering dog days of summer.

450 North Brewing Slushy Beers in stock...

Forbidden Juice (5.5%) - conditioned on peach and blackberry; collab with Electric Brewing

Lunar Pies (5.5%) - conditioned on banana, marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker & caramel; collab with Southern Grist Brewing.

Australia Drop (5.5%) - inspired by a Lamington Cake, conditioned on banana, mango, lemon, marshmallow, lemon icing & vanilla; collab with One Drop Brewing.

Lollipop Forest - conditioned on guava, pineapple, pineapple ice cream & vanilla cream; collab with Deciduous Brewing.

Magic Conch (5.5%) - conditioned on double pineapple, double peach & kumquat; collab with More Brewing.

Can't decide? Grab a pre-built 4-pack of slushy beers for $27.99!


Find most of these new arrivals on our Just Landed! product page...

  • 450 North Citra Nuggets
  • 450 North Dragon Nuggets
  • Bluejacket Time Bandit
  • Ology Brewing Concentrated Reality
  • Ology Brewing Gulf Dreams
  • Ology Brewing High Rainfall

  • Blue Jacket The Jam
  • Prairie Side Peach
  • The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Raspberry, Lemon Pineapple

  • Ology Blended Auras Czech Lager

  • Untitled Art Oktoberfest

Note: Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are starting to arrive every week - stay tuned for a complete list of new seasonal arrivals.

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