Our Cup Runneth Over!

Apr 12, 2024

If you’ve been paying attention to our newsletters lately, you may recall a couple weeks back when we hinted about a serious, colossal incoming drop of new products. Well, here we are: we just finished stocking over 100 new beers from just about every cool brewery that distributes in Georgia! Oh yeah, and there was that whole major TRILLIUM drop this week, too. WOOF! Our backs are feelin’ it!

Weary we may be, there is still work to be done - we’ve gotta try all the beers and tell you all about them! Waxing poetic about 100 new brews is a tall task, so let’s take things slow and focus on a few of our favorites from this week’s new arrivals. Best part? We’ve put together brewery spotlight sampler packs so you can try all the new new one by one!  

Bierstadt Lagerhaus Sampler 6pk $29.99

In a world filled with hazy IPAs and heavily fruited sours, partners in crime Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye founded Bierstadt Lagerhaus with the goal of steering clear of the volatile trends in craft beer. Staying as true as possible to the Reinheitsgebot, or German purity law governing the four essential ingredients of beer, Bierstadt has become among the premier lager-driven breweries in the world. Get to know the Denver lagerhaus with this 6pk sampler, which includes 2 tall boys each of:

Helles Light Lager 

Dunkel Munich Style Dunkel Beer

Slow Pour Pils

Deciduous Granite State Sampler 4pk $22.99

Lifelong New Hampshirites, Maryann and Frank Zagami founded Deciduous with the goal of paying homage to their home, roots, and the changing seasons of their beloved landscape. Well-regarded for the scope of their styles, Deciduous cranks out both fabulous traditional brews and exceptional progressive takes on current broader trends in beer. Try out a quartet of fresh IPAs and sours from this leading Northeast producer! 

By Myself HBC 586 single hop IPA

Walls Double India Pale Ale w/ Citra & Strata 

Lollipop Jelly Donut Jelly Donut Sour

Lollipop Blueberry Plum Crumble Crumble  Sour

Creature Comforts Curiosity Series Sampler 2pk $8.99

With so many new brews, we’d hate for you to miss out on exciting new releases this week from one of everyone’s favorite Georgia breweries! Creature X is a collab between the Athens and Los Angeles Creature Comforts brew teams in celebration of their tenth anniversary. Bike Tour is a delicious Helles lager that is sure to be your new favorite springtime sipper!

Creature X Imperial IPA

Bike Tour Helles Lager 

Breaking News! Our pals at Prairie had to punt their Fizz Ed class for a month or two, but Creature Comforts happens to have a TON of cool stuff going on right now, so they've stepped in to lead our lecture! Join us for Fizz Ed with CREATURE COMFORTS Wednesday April 17 at West End and Thursday April 18 at Fayetteville! Get your tickets!

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