Rosé Always & Our Upcoming Wine Tasting!

Apr 18, 2024

If you ask me, everyone should be drinking rosé all year long. I said what I said. Rosé is not just for the summer time! Replace your crisp white wine with a rosé and you have a match made in heaven. Grab a bottle to pair with your meat or mushroom dish and you’ll experience it in a totally different way. However you like to enjoy rosés, we got a slew of them for you to try. And make sure to join us for our April Wine Tasting featuring Rosés and Summer Reds! Get your tickets!

Division Ouest Rosé - $21.99

Division is one of our favorite producers at Hop City. We’ve carried their wines for years, so when this brand new project of theirs showed up, I couldn’t help but support it. Ouest (the French word for ‘west’) is meant to embody the spirit of the Pacific Northwest as a winegrowing region. Made from Gamay and Grenache, Ouest tastes just like a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar with a slight touch of natty funk on the finish. 

Los Bermejos Listan Negro Rosado - $29.99

A rosé from the Canary Islands?! Sign me all the way up. The way the grapes are grown on Lanzarote are crazy - essentially the vines are grown in the bottom of large pits. You have to dig down past the volcanic soil to get to soil that has nutrients the vines need to sustain life. These pits provide a change in the typical vineyard landscape of manicured double-Guyot trained vines. This rosé is electric and bright with flavors of fresh strawberry, minerality, and a slight smoky note that provides an extra layer of complexity. This is the kind of rosé that you pair with dinner. 

Can Sumoi La Rosa - $19.99

Y’all know we love Can Sumoi here, and the rosé is no different. It’s a blend of Sumoll (a notoriously difficult red grape to vinify) and Xarel-lo (one of the Cava grapes), both of which provide delicious flavors to the final blend. The crisp red fruit comes from the Sumoll, whereas the subtle weightiness and salinity come from the Xarel-lo. Pair this with grilled salmon for a real treat. 

Lapostolle Le Rosé - $14.99

If you love your Provençal-style rosés, but want to switch it up a bit, Le Rosé from Chile’s Lapostolle is the one for you. It is comprised of the typical suspects for Provençal rosé - Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, but coming from Chile, it has an edge of savory characteristics. Fun fact: Lapostolle was the first producer in Chile to plant red grapes specifically for rosé, so they know what they’re doing 🙂You’re going to get a ton of grapefruit, red berries, cucumber and nectarine notes that make it a great wine to enjoy by itself or with light fare.

Join us as we sip and taste our way through some glorious rosé and chill-able reds on Wednesday April 24th at Barleygarden Fayetteville or Thursday April 25th at Boxcar in West End.

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