Paolo Bea Wines - The Epitome of Umbrian Excellence

Oct 13, 2023

In the small, hillside town of Montefalco in Umbria, Italy, lies a tiny oasis that brings us some of the most sought after and elusive wines of the year - Paolo Bea. The small family owned estate is not only known for their wines, but the production of everything they consume - olives, fruits and vegetables and even cattle. The senior member of the family, Paolo Bea, crafts intense, distinctive wines, earning the namesake as the Italian Master of Natural Wines. If you’re looking for a revered, cult-like producer, Paolo Bea sits at the pinnacle. Their inventory is incredibly limited, so make sure you stock up now - whether to tuck them into your cellar for future enjoyment, or to uncork now to make cherished memories with these truly special wines.

*All Paolo Bea wines available at Krog location only

Bea's Santa Chiara is truly unique from a typical orange wine. Equal parts Grachetto, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Garganega, this beautiful orange exudes a captivating wildness with floral and spicy notes. The clean and mineral driven palette is complimented with chamomile, honeysuckle, fresh orange zest, and candied apricot. Graphite and white pepper round everything out. This wine is unapologetically tannic and thought-provoking.

ARBOREUS (2014) - $79.99
Arboreus is named after the uniqueness of the vines. They are exceptionally old (~130 years) and don’t trellis the way you typically see vines trained; they wrap and embed themselves into trunks of trees, allowing them to ripen far above the ground. The grape is a regional variety of Trebbiano called Spoletino. This beautiful orange wine has a full, fleshy body and complexity, leaning heavy into well balanced tannins and vibrant acidity. You’ll feel as if you’re taking a bite out of a fresh baked apricot and marzipan tart.

LAPIDEUS (2018) - $84.99
While this wine technically reads very similar to the Arboreus (made from 100% skin-macerated Trebbiano Spoletino), Lapideus is a leaner, racier interpretation. “If Arboreus is a sea to swim in, Lapideus is a rocket to ride,” describes the importer. The fruit is more direct, with more forthcoming notes of apricot, candied ginger, and spicy clove. It's one of the best examples of Umbrian wine you’ll find.

COTIDIE (2019) - $62.99
The Cotidie is Paolo Bea’s approach to an everyday wine. Landing somewhere between a dark rosé and a light red, this is a unique co-fermentation of red Sagrantino and white Trebbiano Spoletino. All of Bea’s traditional spiciness comes through, but in a lighter, more approachable frame. This is the freshest, juiciest, and most approachable wine from Bea’s line up.

SAN VALENTINO (2018) - $78.99
This wonderful red blend is grown at high-altitude in clay dominant soils and is comprised of 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, and 15% Montepulciano. Don’t expect shyness here - this red is complex with Indian and Moroccan spice, deep macerated black fruit, sandalwood, and a crucial, yet subtle, note of volatility - a signature of Bea’s wines. Four years of aging in a combination of steel tank and large oak barrels lead this wine into a perfectly wild but pointed, red blend.

PIPPARELLO (2018) - $113.99
This wine is a punched up, uncompromising version of San Valentino, perfect for a special occasion and the unabashed collector. The slightly different blend of 60% Sangiovese, 25% Montepulciano, and 15% Sagrantino provides for a dense and brooding drinking experience. Expect intense notes of camphor, forest floor, and high-toned bramble spices - all wrapped up in pitch black fruits, like elderberries, blackberries, and black cherry. Break this out with your holiday roasts to share on a cold night with your closest friends and family.

PAGLIARO (2018) - $135.99
The iconic Pagliaro is the wine that put Paolo Bea on the map. His most renowned bottle is 100% Sagrantino, giving a complex and sexy red that offers intoxicating spice, alluring and deep tannins and rich purple / black fruits. This bold and structured red isn’t for the faint of heart, but for the brave and adventurous. If you want a celebratory wine that is equally as dense and intense as it is iconic, look no further than Pagliaro.

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