New Collabs from Tripping Animals

Oct 12, 2023

It's the middle of October and we've highlighted the usual suspects...Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin beers and spooky, Halloween-themed beers. This week happens to be the final days of National Hispanic Heritage Month and while we believe this group deserves celebration throughout the year, the monthlong focus provides a moment to properly recognize the contributions Hispanic/Latin Americans have made in the US. In the world of beer, the brewery we're highlighting doesn't really need a special time of year to get a call out as they're already super successful and renowned in the industry, but the timing of our delivery on Monday was serendipitous.

Tripping Animals, based in southern Florida, was founded by four Venezuelan homebrewers who relocated to the Miami area to launch their dream of being in the beer business. They're probably most known for their highly rated fruited sours, a style originally inspired from guest kegs of Burley Oak in their taproom as well as the abundance of fresh tropical fruits found in the south Florida area. Think mangos, passionfruit, kiwi, orange, peaches, etc. Smoothie style sours are a backbone of their lineup, and they do this style very, very well. However, Tripping Animals isn't a one trick pony and the exciting collabs we brought in this week are a great example of their range. Check out some great new Tripping Animal brews now on our shelves...

Wolves of the Storm (8.5%) - This double dry-hopped IPA was produced with Casey Brewing (Glenwood Springs, CO). It has just the right amount of dank with light citrus flavors.

Bloodfang (5.4%) - A pale ale brewed in partnership with heavy hitter, Burial. It's well balanced, easy drinking and as tasty as you might expect from a pair up of these two dynamos.

Miggy (5.5%) - To get a taste for how Tripping Animals does lighter beer, reach for a Miggy. The American style lager at 5.5% ABV is a great all-around beer to drink anytime of the year.

Tropical Blast (6.0%) - Need a brilliant green bubbling brew for your Halloween shindig? Tropical Blast is your pick and will launch you into 'Dew nostalgia. It's a soda-inspired sour ale from their Fresca lineup...conditioned on tropical lime.

Miami Slushy XXL (6.0%) - A sequel to their original collab with 450 North, this smoothie sour literally looks like it came straight from the blender. Bright and tart tropical flavors, with big orange overtones.*Sold as a 2-pack

Trippin' Zombies (6.0%): Smoothie sour collab with Beer Zombies. Pours a thick deep orange and has big fruity tropical flavors with a nice little undertone of coconut. Super tasty!


In addition to the Tripping Animals beers already mentioned above, new kids on the block include:


  • Beer Zombies Hazoleum
  • Mason Ale Works Weapon X
  • Narrow Gauge Bird Law
  • Narrow Gauge Emperor Cloud City


  • Beer Zombies Zombie hWhip


  • Narrow Gauge Galaphobia
  • Untitled Art Chocolate Graham Cracker Pastry Stout

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