Single and loving it!

Feb 09, 2023

Afraid of committment? We get it. But go ahead - break up that 4-pack from the new drop you're dying to try. It's ok, really! One of the biggest challenges of shopping at Hop City is trying to winnow down a selection to take home from the overwhelming number of fun and unique choices we have on a constantly rotating basis. Grab a plastic can carrier in your favorite color and shop guilt-free knowing that you can break apart any 2, 4 or 6 pack on the shelf to build your own custom creation*. It's a great way to explore several different styles or breweries you've been curious about with a lighter final dent in your wallet or purse.

Below is an example of a custom 6-pack highlighting a variety of different singles.

Schilling Augustin 13 (5.6%) - a Czech amber lager brewed in the White Mountains of NH. Schilling focuses on producing European style beers and they do them very, very well. Augustin 13 is crystal clear, subtly sweet and hopped with Saaz and Harmonie for perfect balance. $4.99 / 16 oz single @ Krog; Alexandr & Landbier available at West End

Atlanta Hard Cider Cherry Pie (5.9%) - this local seasonal cider uses a blend of both tart and sweet cherries along with its core base of apples. The cinnamon finish is just the right touch to round out a really great tasting and easy drinking cider that's not too sweet and not too tart. $3.99 / 16 oz single; available @ Krog along with 5 other Atlanta Hard Cider flavors

Parish Ghost in the Machine (8.5%) - Yes, you're seeing that right. For the first time in GA this epically good hazy DIPA is available in cans! Better come quick though as we're almost out! $4.99 / 16 oz single; available @ Krog; 12 oz bottles available @ West End

Birds Fly South Bird Brains Cherry Boysenberry (5.4%) - this sour pours a deep red-pink color from the heavy addition of big, bold fruit. Tart, moderately sweet and smooth from the added lactose. $4.99 / 16 oz single; available @ Krog

Arches Retrospect West Coast IPA (6.5%) - Hapeville, GA is most famously known as being the birthplace of the "original chicken sandwich", but the city is also home to Arches Brewing. Retrospect is a year-round West Coast IPA featuring Amarillo, Comet, Chinook and Cascade hops. If you're looking for something other than an IPA, their top selling Mexican Empire lager is a go-to grab. $2.99 / 12 oz single; available @ Krog, West End & Fayetteville

Untitled Art NON-Alcoholic American Gold (<0.5%) - Untitled Art is simply an outstanding brewery. Possesing an incredible diversity in their lineup, every category/style they brew can go toe-to-toe with the best in the craft industry. Their non-alcoholic arm is no different. American Gold is a classic crisp lager for the sober curious and an example of why they're a gold standard in the currently vibrant N/A market. $2.99 / 12 oz single; available @ Krog & West End; tons of other Untitled Art options are available to check out as well (prices vary)

Your options are almost infinite given the number of choices available in-store. So go on... break 'em apart and mix 'em up - we encourage it!*

*Note: Unbreakable items include 12-packs, 30-packs and pre-existing variety packs; cold/refrigerated 4/6 packs at Krog are also off-limits for separating. Ask a staff member if you have questions, but other than that, have at it!



  • DSSOLVR: Can Computers Do That? (7.2%) - Krog & West End
  • Duclaw: Hop Tarts Vanilla Milkshake (7.2%) - Krog
  • Narrow Gauge: DDH Fallen Flag (7%) - Krog & West End
  • Narrow Gauge: DDH Sparkle Motion (6%) - Krog & West End
  • Narrow Gauge: OJ Run (8.6%) - Krog & West End
  • Narrow Gauge: Scales of Eternity (8.3%) - Krog & West End
  • SpindleTap: Stereochemistry (8%) - Krog & West End
  • Southern Brewing: Back 2 Back (5.3%) - Krog & West End
  • Weldwerks: Juicy Bits (6.7%) - Krog
  • Weldwerks: DDH Luminosa Juicy Bits (6.7%) - Krog
  • Weldwerks: Evil Haze Factory (8.2%) - Krog


  • Weldwerks: Bamm Bamm Rubble Rubble (5.2%) - Krog
  • DSSOLVR: Marvelous Beyond Reason (5.8%) - Krog
  • Duclaw: Sour Me Double Triple Berry (7%) - Krog
  • Slow Pour: Analog Red Sour (5%) - Krog & West End



  • Duclaw: Sweet Baby Java (6.2%) - Krog & West End
  • Duclaw: Sweet Baby Banana (6.2%) Krog & West End
  • Duclaw: The Pastryarchy Three Scoops (7.5%) - Krog


  • Untitled Art Mix Pack (American Gold, Juicy IPA, Citra Haze, Italian Style Pils) - West End

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